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2014 Honeymoon Planning Tips

2014 Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon moments are undoubtedly the most memorable times of your life but it comes with lots of pressures and this makes it the most pressure-to-plan-trip of your life. Don’t fret lovebirds, we’ve have you in mind, just read on and know how to plan for your honeymoon trip this year.

Plan together or with people, never do it alone

Call your partner’s boss and secretly extend your honeymoon without your partner knowing. A new trend we are seeing is couples doing ‘buddy moons.’ Toward the end of your trip arrange for your friends or another couple to join the honeymoon. Work with a tour operator or travel agent whom you trust and can have a relationship with so they help plan really personalized, one-of-a-kind experiences. For example if your partner loves art, what galleries are in the area? Can you get them access outside public hours with the curator? Or if they love cooking, arrange a cookery lesson with a local chef. (image by Carlo)

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Ideal time of planning

Plan Early. Why add to the stress of the wedding by worrying about finding someplace on short notice? People do (and we often get them out of tricky situations) but if you can plan it early, it is one less thing to worry about and also something to look forward to in the middle of wedding planning stresses. Spontaneity is great and we love it, but this is one trip you have to get right. Moreover, pick the right destination and experiences and there will be opportunities a plenty to be spontaneous.

Avoid honeymoon traps

Be open-minded to destinations. Work out what you really want or will make you happy on the trip. Too many people conform to what they think a honeymoon should be without really thinking what it’s going to give them. Mix it up. It doesn’t all have to be the same. Pair up cities and beaches, mountains and jungle.  Same goes for mixing up times for lux and times for modest (but as part of an experience like sleeping in the desert). As for countries, you can do “conveyor belt” because they won’t have to stop to think or even lack imagination or the knowledge of just what is possible.

Follow the honeymoon trends

We are foreseeing an increase in couples looking to take longer honeymoons or ‘mega-moons.’ Choosing to take a 2- to 3-week or longer honeymoon combining several destinations ensures couples really get a chance to switch off and settle into married life. Another trend for honeymoons that we are seeing growth in is couples looking for more extreme and boundary-pushing trips. Whether it’s trekking or rafting expeditions in more remote locations, couples are looking for new, once-in-a lifetime experiences that they can share together.

Choose your destination wisely

It’s tricky to pin down just one. Romance also is determined by whom you are enjoying that place with. If you had to pick like three destinations, one city, one beach, one hotel and one adventurewould currently be most ideal, try out this combination: City: HelsinkiBeach: Little Dix, BVIs Hotel:Leti 360, Northern IndiaAdventure:Trans-Mongolian Express, stopping off in Mongolian’s Gobi desert to travel the steppe and spend nights reading by starlight as you lie under the most magical night sky you will ever witness.(image by Ronald Brown)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 2014 Honeymoon Planning Tips -Little Dix

Use this tips and settle for nothing but the best, be wise, spoil you love with romance, you will need this cherishing memories to conquer the many coming days as you live happily ever after.


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