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3 Fascinating Countries in South America

3 Fascinating Countries in South America

Are you planning fly to South America, the vast continent that boasts of its rich and spectacular culture? Are you looking forward to have a great time with your family in a continent nourished by beautiful beaches, great food, music dance and passion? No worries! Below, we’ve come up with the 3 most fascinating countries you’d wish to visit and see in South America:

  1. Brazil

Arguably, Brazil is one of the best countries to visit if you ever wish to fly to South America. It’s a thrilling experience to tour Rio de Janeiro, a city metropolis surrounded by captivating beaches, lush tropical mountains and the electrical excitement associated with the flamboyant samba parties. Visit Iguazu Falls located on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina to make your holiday a life-time experience.




  1. Peru

A country offering a rich and diverse history of culture, tradition, food and people, you don’t want to miss this experience! Start off your journey to explore the spectacular and ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Cussco, standing at 7970 ft above sea level. Find your way to Huayhuash trek, located in the Waywash range of the Andes Mountains and enjoy trekking in one of the most beautiful trekking sites in the world.


  1. Bolivia 

Fly to South America and make your stop at the heart of the continent, Bolivia. The capital city, La Paz, offers an amazing attraction site. The administrative capital sits on the Andes Plateau, 3500m above sea level. Here, you will be marveled by the Coca museum, Mt Illimani looming at the city’s background, the Witches’ market as well as the famous San Pedro prison. Visit the largest salt flats in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Daniel Campos Province, Southwest Bolivia and turn your vacation into ecstasy.


With ample time of preparation, South America provides a top tourist destination spot with a lot of fun, adventure and nostalgia. Fly to South America from North America by Tam Airlines and enjoy your breathtaking experience as it lasts!



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