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4 Fascinating Quick Bet Games for Travel Fun

4 Fascinating Quick Bet Games for Travel Fun

Traveling around the world is exciting, but there are also many quiet moments too when you are waiting for a flight, staying in the hotel on a rainy day or taking a long bus ride. During these times it’s nice to have something fun to do to keep yourself busy. A great way to entertain yourself on your travels is by playing online games. One of the most exciting things about online gaming is that there are many quick betting games available that offer various exciting stakes.

So which quick bet games will be the most fun and entertaining while you are on the road? Here are four excellent games to start with so that you can travel and play.

Quick Bet Cards

This popular roulette style game uses a complete deck of playing cards instead of a standard roulette wheel. 52 cards are used, as well as the two jokers that represent zero. When you play you make your bets in the same way as regular roulette. You can also make bets on corners, splits and streets of four and eight cards. This game offers good odds of 50/1 out of a total of 54 slots where the ball could potentially land.

Quick Bet Darts

Quick bet darts is a very exciting and fast paced betting darts game, based on a traditional dartboard. You can win the game by correctly predicting where the three darts will land on the board. It is possible to make a range of different bet types, including doubles, single numbers, trebles, combinations and a bet on the total score. Quick bet darts is a thrilling game to play and it will keep you entertained on your travels.

Quick Bet Darts

Quick Bet Wheel

This engaging original betting game is based on a 31 number lucky wheel. You can win by predicting the number that the “clacker” will choose when it comes to a stop. There are a number of different types of bets you can place, including high or low, odds or evens, singles, doubles, triples, pentuples or sixes. This game is easy to play and it can be a lot of fun.

Quick Bet Golf

You’ll love this fixed-odds style betting of Quick Bet Golf Casino game which is based on a three-hole playoff. You can make a number of different bets, including who will win each hole and who will win outright. It is also possible to make bets on other events such as landing out of bounds, getting a hole-in-one or landing in the sand.


These are just four great quick bet games that will provide you with hours of thrilling entertainment on your travels. Whenever you have downtime while you are in transit or just relaxing, you will be able to play exciting online games and perhaps even win some extra cash. However, remember not to risk all of your travel money, so that you can still continue to hit the road!


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