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5 Airports in the UK that Offer Airport Parking

5 Airports in the UK that Offer Airport Parking

Driving to the airport and using airport parking is undoubtedly one among the most convenient ways to travel to and from the airport nowadays. The UK airport parking lots are often very close to the main terminals and you can book airport parking online. Even when these parking lots aren’t located immediately next to the terminals, the airports provide shuttle rides to their clients so as to increase the convenience of the experience. The security and safety levels these car parks provide car owners with are practically unrivalled. By parking your car in any of these car parks, your car will likely be much safer than it would be in your home as you travel around the world. Also, when you come back from your trip, tired an exhausted, you won’t have to drive home at night since you have the option to stay in your car for the night and drive home in the morning. Here is a list of five airports in UK that offer airport parking:

1. Manchester Airport

This is the largest airport in the UK, outside of London, based on the numbers of passengers. Actually, it is the third largest airport in the United Kingdom and the twenty third business airport in Europe. The airport is situated at Ringway, Manchester, north of England. Its terminals are situated just 8.6 miles from Manchester city center. It has three airport terminals, plus a goods terminal and a railway station.(Image by waynep1957)

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2. London Gatwick Airport

This airport is situated in West Sussex, about three miles from Crawley city center, and just a little less than thirty miles to the south of Central London. It’s the second busiest and second largest international airport in London. Gatwick Airport is home to the largest and busiest single runway worldwide, handling a remarkable average of fifty two aircraft movement per hour. This airport has two terminals, the North Terminal and the South terminal.

3. Glasgow Airport

It’s situated about seven miles to the west of the city center of Glasgow, near the towns of Paisley and Renfrey. Owned and managed by British Airports Authority (BAA), Glasgow Airport is a base for several airlines including Jet 2, Easy Jet, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, and BMI Regional, carrying passengers to several local as well as long distance destinations. Glasgrow airport parking is as well offered in this airport and can be easily booked in advanced online.

4. Bristol Airport

It’s located in North Somerset near Bristol and even nearer to the hamlet of Lusgate Bottom. It was initially referred to as the Bristol (Lusgate) Airport, and later became Bristol International Airport, before it was renamed as Bristol Airport. Bristol was once the ninth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with over 5.5 million passengers flying in and out of the airport.

5. Doncaster Sheffield Airport

This Robin Hood Airport is an international airport situated in South Yorkshire, England, at the old RAF Finningley Airbase in Finningley, Doncaster. It is actually about three miles from Doncaster, and about eighteen miles from Sheffield. Most of the Robin Hood Airports handles about eight hundred and twenty thousand passengers yearly, thus making it smaller compared to other international airports in Yorkshire.(Image by Mark Healey)

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In conclusion, car parking services are now available at almost every major airport in the UK. You can easily book these services in advance online at reasonable rates. They offer a range of services from meet and greet service and chauffeur services to long-term parking, short-term parking, and now even hotel and parking options.


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