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5 Canadian Travel Highlights

5 Canadian Travel Highlights

As the world’s second largest country and given the fact that it’s blessed with an abundance of breath-taking landscapes as well as both man-made and natural wonders, it would take a lifetime to explore the whole of what Canada has to offer. While visitors to the North American country and locals are spoilt for choice, there are still some gems that stand out in Canada’s rich collection of culturally rich cities and natural habitats.


From the south coast on the US border to the Arctic Circle in the south, here are 5 Canadian Travel highlights that should be top of your list:

1. The Rocky Mountains/ Banff National Park

Featuring breath-taking landscapes, snow capped peaks, some of Canada’s most scenic hiking trails, as well as the turquoise green of Lake Louise and several others, Banff National Park can be found in amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Located in the province of Alberta, the park is also the first, biggest, and most visited of all the National Parks in Canada. The Rocky Mountains stretch all the way into the United States and offer visitors a glimpse of dramatic and diverse wildlife and wilderness.

 2. Niagara Falls

As one of the worlds natural wonders, Niagara Falls is probably Canada’s best known attraction. Visitors to the falls can expect to view them from any angle they wish including from the air in a helicopter or even via tunnels behind the waterfalls for a different and unique view. The presence of many other attractions nearby means a visit here may require a few nights stay at the many hotels that serve the area such as the Niagara Falls Marriot. The area also features many provincial parks offering camping facilities, scenic walking trails and rapids for whitewater rafting.

Niagara Falls canada

3. Toronto

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and, as Canada’s most populous city, it is also one of the most diverse in the country. As well as featuring landmarks such as the Toronto tower, which is one of the world’s tallest buildings and offers the best views of the area, and Lake Ontario, Toronto also offers a mix of Indian, Chinese and Italian districts where visitors can immerse themselves in the cultures of this unique city.

4. Churchill, Manitoba Polar Bear Migration.

This is one of the attractions that are off the beaten track due to the window of opportunity that visitors have to experience this natural spectacle. Visitors in October or November can catch a glimpse and get up close with Polar bears in specially designed vehicles as they make their way from land to the ice in Hudson Bay, situated near Churchill in northern Manitoba.

Manitoba Polar Bear Migration

5. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is well known for being home to the city of Victoria, more breath-taking landscapes, and the surfing town of Tofino. Named after the British explorer George Vancouver, the island is undoubtedly one of Canada’s largest and most visited tourist destinations.


With so many noteworthy and amazing destinations, the best Canadian travel highlights will always be a matter of personal opinion. The above five however, are some of Canada’s most visited and most loved attractions and are as good a place to start as any. I hope that you’ll agree?


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