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5 City Breaks to Squeeze into 2015

5 City Breaks to Squeeze into 2015

Who says you can’t go ahead and plan your travel itinerary for 2015 when the Christmas holidays are not even over yet? After all, planning is the key to a successful and blissful trp. So, while everyone is busy making plans for their Yuletide holiday vacation, look ahead and start thinking about where you want to be next year. In this post, read about the 5 cities you absolutely must visit in 2015.

1. Chennai, India

If you’re a history buff and eager to experience the rich culture of an Asian city, Chennai is a wonderful place to visit. Immerse yourself in the history of what is sometimes considered as the “gateway to Southern India.” Structures you should see include the heritage buildings such as the Madras High Court (one of the biggest judicial complex in the whole world) and the divine temples (some of the finest ones in the country. Visit the well-known restaurants in Chennai to experience the rich flavors of Southern India.(Image by PSN Raghavan )

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2. Athens, Greece

It’s a must to visit one of the world’s oldest cities and center of archaeological research. Visit the Agora and get acquainted with the monuments and museum, a place where Socrates developed his philosophy and where St Paul came to talk about Christianity. Take photos of the grand Temple of the Olympian Zeus and the Temple of Hephaestus, a building considered to be one of the most well-preserved structures in the country. Athens is perfect for a Greek city break, and if you have time to extend your trip then why not do a tour around the Greek islands to experience local food and drinks, stroll around quaint houses, and ancient villages.

3. Florence, Italy

Florence is, without a doubt, the ultimate tourist paradise in all of Italy. Known for its otherworldly scenery, palatable cuisine and fine wines, Florence has a lot of pleasures in store for those who visit this Italian utopia. As you visit Florence, you also get to feast your eyes on a plethora of majestic artworks, historic buildings and other mesmerizing sights. As far as trips to Italy go, this one is right up there with the best.

4. Washington, D.C., USA

The best things you can do in this city are explore the Smithsonian Museum, the National Zoo’s Asia Trail, or go see how money is made at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. If you have your kids along, they’ll surely enjoy the walking tour, a free tour that includes games and fun facts that will teach your little ones history without boring them.(Image by Christopher Crews)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Smithsonian Museum Florence 5 City Breaks to Squeeze into 2015

5. Vienna, Austria

If you’re after majestic structures, Vienna is one of the places in the world that’s absolutely amazing. There are many spots that tourists from all walks of life are drawn to. See the awe-inspiring Vienna State Opera, Parliament and city hall as well as the famous Hofburg Palace. Take one of the many professional tours to know more about the major attractions of the city.

Have you decided which city to visit first? Whether you’re going to explore the fantastic sights of Europe or discover the rich cultures of Asia, you’ll surely head off to an adventure of a lifetime in any of these five cities. Make sure to squeeze them in during one of your extended travels abroad.


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