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5 Different Types of Winter Break

5 Different Types of Winter Break

Winter is, in most parts of the world, the coldest and breeziest time of the year. This usually occurs during December, although it differs in terms of dates. Every culture in various regions also differs on how they spend their winter breaks. Below are some of the best winter breaks you can enjoy and indulge:

Ski holiday in France

Over the years, skiing has been one of the most popular must-try adventure sports for travel junkies and sports zealots, especially during winter. France, to me, is known for its magnificent ski slopes, so when you want to experience an unforgettable skiing adventure, you should drop by Val Thorens. It has the largest ski area in the world, and is perfect for all levels of ski lovers, from beginners to advanced skiing aficionados. Literally, you cannot find any trees here because of the very high altitude. Quench yourself with sports drinks and water. Another activity that you can witness here is husky dog sledding. It would really be fun, don’t you think? Try this ultimate ski guide for more in depth resort information.(Image by grayster2)

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Midnight mass in Vatican

Christmas and New Year’s Day are the famous occasions almost all people around the world celebrate. For most churchgoers, attending the midnight mass is like a fulfillment of having strong faith in God. Along the streets, you can see the colorful Christmas lights and huge Christmas trees. Of course, you need not worry about your hotel bookings, as there are plenty you can choose from. Strolling around the city is truly magical! Couples can really enjoy the winter break here and soak up the beauty of St Peters all lit up.

A cultural break in Turkey

Skiing is also a popular winter sport in Turkey that attracts many tourists. Several resorts are offering skiing facilities including Uldag resort, which is just an hour away from Istanbul. So, if you’re staying in Istanbul, you wouldn’t have to travel longer hours just to reach the mountains. For those who want a heavy dose of adventure, you can spend an overnight in a cave in Cappadocia. The caves are usually warm during winter.

A cultural break, however, is the best way to spend a winter holiday in Turkey. Here, you can experience a blissful kaleidoscopic cultural retreat, thanks to its mesmerizing explosion of smells, sounds and sights blending together like flocks of people in an energetic bazaar. Plus, it has a ton of cultural attractions, such as the cave walls with inscriptions of various religious images. Churches and monasteries were also visible in the caves long time ago. It would surely be a night to remember!

Icebreaker Cruise in Moscow

Boat cruises, which pass by Moscow, will definitely take a stopover for passengers to experience the enchanting icebreaker cruise. Each boat can accommodate up to 200 passengers with lunch or dinner served. The boat is completely enclosed in glass that enables the tourists to take a whole view of the city. The two-hour cruise is certainly worth it, especially with your special someone.(Image by Marina)

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Winter Wonderland in London

Children would definitely love to be at Winter Wonderland, which includes a large ice skating rink, Snowball Bungee Dome,Observation Wheel, and the famous Christmas Market (which sells gifts items perfect for the holidays). What’s more fun here is that the entrance fee is free. However, there are attractions that have separate charges. If you love singing or listening to music, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Royal Albert Hall both hold special concerts.

Taking a winter break can help relieve stress from work. Plan ahead and travel with your loved ones. Experience is a valuable gift you can give to somebody.


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