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5 Fabulous Activities for a Family Holiday in Maui, Hawaii

5 Fabulous Activities for a Family Holiday in Maui, Hawaii

Taking some time off your busy schedule is very healthy especially if you have a family. Choosing a great vacation destination suitable for the whole family is equally important as this will provide you time for bonding in a special way. There are many destinations worldwide known to provide quality time for families as well as fun and educative activities in which the whole family can engage in. Among these destinations is Maui, Hawaii. Apart from fun activities, you can be sure that you an your family will not have any problems in terms of accommodation as this island has a lot to offer in terms of high quality family beachfront vacation rentals, five-star hotels as well as private huts. Below are 5 activities that whole family can enjoy while vacationing in Maui:

1. Surfing Lessons

West Maui has proved to be a great destination for family vacations especially when it comes to individuals getting their first surfing lessons. All this is thanks to the warm water as well as the baby-sized waves on the beaches. Furthermore, there are numerous surfing schools here hence as a family you have the chance of sharpening your surfing skills together. The instructors here are well trained and known to be very patient with kids learning to surf.

2. Sailing Canoe Tours

As a family, you have the option of island-hoping using traditional Hawaiian sailing canoes. This is an experience that you are all bound to enjoy as you will be visiting different Hawaiian islands and enjoying their different cultures making it a 3-hour adventure that is not worth missing out on. As you sail, you will be listening to various myths as well as some history on the origins of the various islands you visit. Boats depart daily from the Fairmont Kea Lani’s beach.

Maui saling canos

3. Helicopter Tours

This is one of the most popular ways in which families spend their time touring this vast island. Apart from this being the fastest way of touring this island, it also provides some of the most jaw-dropping views of the island. From the helicopter, you and your family will be able to view the jungle and its lush landscape as well as the many waterfalls available. You also have the option of riding all the way up to the top of the largest volcano ion the island, the Haleakala. This is one ride that everyone in the family will always remember.

4. Watching Wales

If you and your family are touring Maui sometime in between December and March then you are in for a treat as it is within this time of the year tat numerous wales congregate in the waters close to Maui to mate or even give birth to young ones. During this period, whale-watching service providers run inflatable-boat trips that last for 2 hours. These are operated from the harbors of Maalaea and Lahania. This is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy a you do not come in close contact with whales everyday.

Watching Wales Maui

5. A Visit To The Maui Ocean Center

A visit to the Maui Ocean Center is a must have in every family’s vacation itinerary. With at least 300 species of marine life, this center is home to the largest collection of marine life in the state.Touch tanks are very much loved by children as well as landlubbers.

To make your Maui getaway ideal, how about find a magical family beachfront vacation rental in Maui.  Experiencing Maui as a family is worth every family’s time. It is however important to prepare well for this vacation by booking accommodation way ahead of time to ensure this dream family vacation that you all deserve. Have fun!


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