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5 Great Reasons to Go on a River Cruise in 2014

5 Great Reasons to Go on a River Cruise in 2014

River cruises offer memorable journeys through some of the world’s prettiest cities and towns. They give you a mind blowing experience as you travel through the cities staying close to the nature. River cruising is your best option if you really want a calm, relaxing holiday.  It is a lot different from an open water cruise as travelling through the oceans are vast and you hardly have the land view.  And hey!!! The journey on an open-water cruise at times gets interrupted with heavy waves which might turn out to be a mood spoiler.  Let me pick a few reasons why you should experience indulgent river cruises and why a river cruise would make a good option on your holiday planner.

A. Plenty Of Options

Just Google for “River Cruise” and voila!!! You have Google results just flooding up your browser. Not only do you get the best of river cruise options available but also they have them reviewed with people who have already experienced it. So there you go!!It makes your job a lot easier in deciding on the best holiday trip.

B. Paint as you move

You have such beautiful scenic views around, as can be seen in Rhine River, that it will just make you paint your way out. You feel like you are closer to the nature and being constantly brushed by the cool, sweet breeze across your face. Every spot makes you click a portrait and relish the journey (image by John Riper).

Greg Jacobs Greg-j.com  Around the World RTW -river cruising views

C. Taste of the Culture 

River cruises are very creative that they sometimes design your ships blending the taste of the local culture. So learning starts right from the ship you embark upon. As you travel you can sense the culture of the city or town and that adds knowledge about the place without having to read any books or even talking to the local people.

D. Smaller Ships 

You get the feeling that you are on the best trip ever. The ships are small and carry a few people on board. This helps you have some private moments and thoughts. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the journey.

E. God’s Own Country 

These Voyages will be everlasting on your minds. The soothing breeze and the calm rivers just sweep your mind away from all thoughts and make you poised. They do not make you feel hectic and spoil the pleasure of your Voyage. Instead they keep you calm and enjoy your cruising experience to the fullest (image by U-Turn Gil).

Greg Jacobs Greg-j.com  Around the World RTW -river cruising1

River Cruise It Is!!!! 

So why have your decision pending. Just go for river cruising and you will never regret the decision in your life. Short list on the best trips and picks one that suits your mood and thoughts. But do the research before you decide on the trip. All these trips come with a package. Give a thorough reading on the offers and package they have and decide on the most fabulous river cruise holiday trip which will leave you and your partner with most beautiful memories. But keep in mind!!The faster you decide the lesser are your chances of missing out on a wonderful trip. Just enjoy and take a Portrait that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


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Feature image by Karl R