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6 Amazing Facts about Cancun, Mexico

6 Amazing Facts about Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean. It was originally inhabited by 3 residents but it has now grown its population to about 700,000 residents. This has greatly been due to the growing tourism industry that generates much of the countries revenue. Cancun experiences over 240 days of sunshine with about 80 degrees average temperature annually. This attracts thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the fantastic weather in the beautiful beaches.

Cancun is located in a region that is known to have a hot and humid semi-tropical climate. This is in the Yucatan peninsula that consists of limestone emerging from the sea in a flat platform. There are no hills or major highlands and there are several underground rivers that appear in form of wells or sink holes. The rainy season in Cancun is usually between June and October. People in Mexico are advised not to drink water from the taps. The hotels have their own systems for purifying drinking water.

Hurricane Season

Just as it happens in the rest of the Caribbean Region, the hurricane season is usually between 1st of June to 30th of November. However, many states in the region have gotten world recognition in their leadership in hurricane attention and prevention. Preventions have been established that are being used as models in other parts of the world. You are only required to follow the instructions from the staff at your hotel as the storms come in various phases and warnings.

Great coastline

The city in Mexico has white sandy beaches that stretch to about 14 miles. Cancun is also popular with its Maya Barrier reef that is ranked as the world’s second largest coral reef. The fantastic weather around the city’s beaches is behind the generation of more than a third of the total tourism revenue in Mexico.(Image by Alexander Ponick)

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Amazing destinations

Cancun has particularly become very popular with weddings, having hosted over 46,000 weddings every year. Destination weddings are also popular in the Riviera Maya region. There are also many ruins and archaeological sites. There are also beautiful beaches with sand made from crushed coral.

Busiest Airport

In Mexico, the Cancun airport is ranked as the second busiest airport. Of all the airports in the Latin America, the Cancun airport is known to have the most international traffic. The airport recorded over eleven million travelers who used the airport in 2009 alone. Besides its two runways that can be used simultaneously, the airport has the tallest control tower in the entire Latin America. The tower is also ranked the 18th tallest tower in the world.

Underwater caves

Three of the longest underwater cave systems in world are found in Riviera Maya. These are the 146.7 kilometers long Ox Bel Ha, Dos Ojos which is 57.7 kilometers and the Nohock Na Choch which is 61 kilometers.

These are just a few of the many amazing facts of Cancun, Mexico. The city is diverse with a variety of interesting fact, things and stuff to do as well as see.


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