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6 Must-see Destinations in Spain for your Family Holiday

6 Must-see Destinations in Spain for your Family Holiday

The glorious Mediterranean weather, pompous color, well preserved culture, cuisines coupled with breathtaking scenery marks the experience of any Spanish getaway. Spain boasts as one of the most popular holiday tourist destinations in the world, with over 300 days of sun in an year, this should be top of your list when it comes to planing a memorable family holiday. Variety is second nature to Spain, and you and your family will definitely be a spoilt for choice when taking in the fill of the goodness this sunny country has to offer. From historical monuments, snow capped skiing mountains to white sandy beaches in the Spanish riviera, an exploration of top 6 must-see family holiday sites reveals the following:

1) The brilliance of Barcelona
Brilliant, fantastic culture and scenery are the trademarks of this world famous city. It is the perfect backdrop of the start of a promising fun-filled family holiday. A wide range of museums and art galleries dot the city which otherwise preoccupied by bands of entertaining street performers. Be prepared to be awed by the grandeur of the Camp Nou football stadium, which is home to the renowned Barcelona FC.

2) Madrid excellence
Madrid is no doubt the hallmark of any family holiday in Spain, for children of all ages and even adults. The city houses world famous tourists attractions e.g The Faunia and Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Parks, the mysterious Zoo-Aquarium and restaurants serving dishes from across the globe. Traditional curios and trinket shops plus designer stalls that accolade this city will make sure that you have plenty of options when selecting souvenirs to bring home. When you visit Madrid, look for the event list online as the city will fascinate you with what it has to offer (image by Marc).

Calle Alcala, Madrid

3) Seville and the traditional cuisine
Recognized widely for its perfect blend of historical delights and wondrous sight seeing which include the legendary Alcazar of Seville. Traditional cuisines served in this cultural capital of Spain, will give you and your family a fair share in savoring tasty Spanish dishes, such as tapas, paellas and assorted sea foods.

4) Granada – A home away from home for skiers
For those of us who love skiing, Granada brings forth an ideal surprise in the course of transversing the sunny beaches of Spain. The town is located by the Sierra Nevada ski resort, which is a haven for skiers, looking to whizz down the snowy Spanish alps experiencing the best of both worlds. You can be sure that your kids will be kept entertained and amused by the gorgeous fountains and water sports available in this town. For families with older children who love to explore and learn at the same time Granada is endowed with magnificent science and Archaeological museums.

5) Windsurfing in Corralejo
Calm waters and tropical weather in this northern resort town is best for families looking for a day or two away, kite and wind-surfing. The weather is ideal for that memorable fishing trip with the kids and the local people are polite and hospitable. Be sure to capture stunning photos of yourselves against the clear shade of blue that the waters of Corralejo have to offer (image by Martin Gfrerer).

Windsurfing in Corralejo

6) Pablo Picasso’s city of Malaga
Located in southern Spain, Pablo Picasso’s birthplace offers both adventure and an unforgettable learning experience. Widely famous for it’s white beaches and marinas, Malaga has also its share of historical monuments such the Arab Citadel. The kids will be excited to witness the weekly Easter religious processions if you visit Spain during that time of the year.

Depending on the time of the year you plan to visit Spain, make sure you pack all your gear ( whether skiing or surfing boards) that you will need in the course of your adventures. Generally, Spain is warm for most part of the year, hence a welcome relief from the biting winter in the Northern Hemisphere. If your flight is scheduled to be long, you might want to bring an assortment of games on board to keep the kids occupied and delighted.


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Feature image by Laura Casellas