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A healthy holiday = A happy holiday

A healthy holiday = A happy holiday

There are many things to think about before you embark on a couple of weeks’ holiday in the sun, and it’s not all about what clothes to take and checking your passport is in date!

Health matters also need to come into consideration, and this is something that many people forget in the run up to a holiday, because their minds are totally distracted on fun. It’s not surprising really, we save up and wait all year for our annual holiday, so of course we’re not even going to begin to think about health issues, after all, we wouldn’t get ill would we?

Er, yes, you can!

Obviously, if you take steps to cut out the possibility then hopefully it won’t happen, but you have to remember these steps in your holiday planning stages.(Image by Jose Hernandez)

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One of the main immune system lowering issues these days is stress, and it’s unavoidable to a complete degree, but we can reduce it in some ways. For instance, how do you get to the airport? Do you go down the road of stressful public transport, ready to pull your hair out at the end of your journey? Or do you drive yourself and be leisurely about it?

I always drive myself, and park up at the airport, booking my spot through Airparks. Cutting out stress here means you’re going forward into your travel day in a much calmer manner, which is the best possible start. You’ll find this is a service available at all major UK airports, as well as over the Irish Sea, with Dublin Airport parking offered at fantastic rates. I can’t rate this service enough for convenience.

Cutting out the stress is one issue, but do you give any thought to whether you need any immunizations for your particular destination? Don’t get too caught up in planning your excursions and forget about the fact that you might need to consider health! It’s easy, just ask your GP, or head to the NHS website, for reliable information on what you need. If you do need immunizations, make sure you arrange this in plenty of time, and the same goes for whether you need anti-malaria medication or not.(Image by Bronto Software)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  stress free A healthy holiday and A happy holiday

I hope I don’t have to drill into you’re the importance of holiday insurance! If you were to be taken ill during your break, the bill can often be stratospheric, and if you haven’t got insurance, well, it’s yours to pay entirely. Don’t take the risk, especially when you can pick up low cost policies, which adequately cover you for all eventualities. It’s just a case of searching, checking the small print, and declaring any pre-existing medical conditions at the time. Easy, cheap, and in some cases, a total lifesaver.

Health might not be a glamorous subject, but it’s definitely the most important. Cover your health steps, and your holiday will be happy and healthy.


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