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Best beaches in Europe

Best beaches in Europe

Europe hosts some of the best sandy beaches stretched all around its countries among them Croatia, Germany, Brittany, Poland as well as Poland. There is also an environmental award winning beach in Bulgaria. With a reputation of being the best in Europe is the Golden Sands beach found in Bulgaria. The beach has numerous good value hotels all along its stretch with spots favorite for camping. Golden Sands has over the year received several awards rewarding their efforts in environmental awareness. This has been achieved through closely monitoring the water around the beach for toxins.

Baska Voda Beach

Croatia is also popular with sandy beaches with the best among them being the Baska Voda beach which is located in the lee of the Biokovo Mountains. This is undoubtedly the hot spot of Croatia. The beach is also close to other important attraction site such the island of Hvar which is popular with its superb architecture and also cool harbor side bars. Pentrez Plage beach in France is most popular with its foaming surfs, rock pools and large areas of white sand. The beach is favorite for people engaging in activities such as hunt for crabs, football as well as flying kites. Also in France is the Grand Plage beach is favorite for young surfers who enjoy the two casinos, waterfront fashion boutiques and also the tuxedoed waiters.(image by lght)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best beaches in Europe -Baska Voda Beach

Kampen White Sand Beach

In Germany, the Kampen white sand beach is popular for its bracing air as well as its red cliffs. Greece has perhaps one of the most dramatic Ionian beaches. Myrtos beach in Kefalonia consists of white limestone pebbles in huge sweeps and they are set in a wide deep bay. The beach can be viewed from a road above as it forms the perfect crescent. Located at the northern tip of Crete is the Erimoupolis beach which is tucked in between an ancient cemetery and rugged rocks. The beach is named after Itanos, an abandoned ancient town. The ruins of the town can be seen on your way to the beach.

Priaia del Fuoco Beach

Known to be one of the most romantic beaches in the world is Priaia del Fuoco beach found in Italy. The beach is located at the end of the Capo Vaticano coastline. Its amazing features include steep shelving as well as being lapped by aquamarine waters. The beach is only accessed by means of a boat but other seeks more adventure by using a precipitous path leading to the beach. In Sicily, the Mondello Lido beach offers a wide area of white sand which runs from Monte Gallo to Monte Pellegrino, which is approximately two kilometers apart. The shore along Mondello is lined with cafes, bars, hotels as well as night clubs.

Sopot Beach

Sopot beach in Poland is known to have absolutely Baltic and cold water. However, the beach has always attracted many tourists especially from Poland and Germany. The main street of Monte Cassino, located along the beach is lined with numerous vodka bars and beer gardens. The bleached white sands are usually decorated with volleyball nets which is a popular sport in the beach. Other countries that have popular beaches are Portugal with the Sagres beach, Spain with the Valencia and Es Trenc beaches and also turkey with the Turquoise coast beach popular with loggerhead turtles.(image by Tomek Nowak)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best beaches in Europe -Sopot Beach

These are just a few of the numerous white sandy beaches that are spread all over Europe. Consider Europe for your best Beach experience


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