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Best Marine Parks

Best Marine Parks

These are the most admired destinations that have drawn the attention of many travelers around the globe. That’s not all, from interacting with unique diversities of flora and fauna to cruising in the most artistically designed landscapes and finally having the best experience of your life by indulging in the several marine park activities, is enough to explain the experience in the world’s best marine parks. Marine Park is an area of sea or lake which is often set aside to preserve a specific habitat ensuring the ecosystem is sustained for the organisms that exist there and also to support the several sporting activities like scuba diving. Visiting the world’s best marine parks is actually the best way to spend your vacation. Here is a list the world’s best marine park that should be considered when planning for a vacation which includes marine exploration.

Gulf World Marine Park, Panama City Beach

When mentioning world’s marine parks, this is the real place to be. Offers clear grounds where you can experience all the sights and sounds of marine life which is the real habitats of the Bottlenose Dolphin, California Sea Lion and a variety of beautiful sea turtles. It is truly the right park for the whole family to explore experiencing fascinating exhibits showcasing penguins, flamingos, sharks, alligators, iguana and much more unique features. It is the world’s best offering underwater shows and guests are given the opportunity to get a close up experience with aquatic experience at a very affordable cost.(image by fisherbray)

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Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park, Mexico

It is one of the most important marine parks aimed at improving and conserving the rarest species as well as raising great variety of unique diversities. The convenient marine park which extends more than 7000 hectares of coastal waters in the Gulf of California boosts of being the most successful marine reserve in the world whose impact on the marine life within it has been great. It was developed mainly to prevent frequent overfishing cases in the region and also huge declines in the area’s marine life. Though expensive, the exciting experience is worthwhile.

Ushaka Marine Park, South Africa

This is the most popular and the largest marine park in the continent offering numerous activities for all ages. For the less adventurous and lovers of Mother Nature this is the place to be. Climbing up to the top of the heart stopping and adrenaline pumping freefall slide for the best view site and then going downwards for a gravity-defying wild ride are what that describe this amazing place. Endless cruises and exploring Africa’s highest slide gives out a gut wrenching pleasure that you will never have in any marine park in the continent.

SeaWorld, USA

This is one of the most popular marine parks in the United States featuring states such as Orlando, San Diego, Texas and San Antonia. It popularly renown by presence of the event known as the Shark Encounter where visitors are submerged into a shark tank inside an acrylic tube and is endowed with a variety of sea creatures featuring killer whales and sea lions.(image by Nathan Rupert)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best Marine Parks -SeaWorld, USA

These are the places that make marine exploration amazing and exciting. Experience is the best teacher, explore and get to discover more pleasant parks. Do you want to see the best historical sites? Greece is the place to be!


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