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Birdwatching Opportunities to Consider In Norway

Birdwatching Opportunities to Consider In Norway

Norway is a real paradise for all nature lovers out there. There are millions of birds that come to the country and you will love everything that is offered. We can tell you so much about birdwatching in Norway and what you would enjoy or not. The truth is that this is a country that can easily be added to the list of the best 10 birdwatching locations in the world and it definitely among the top spots in Europe.

During late March it is great to visit the marshes and the wetlands as they basically spring to life. You can easily see many whooper swans that are almost always noisy and their honking call is heard everywhere. The northern lapwing will also be a really great attraction.

You should consider visiting mountain habitats during summer in regions like Dovrefjell, Fokstumyra and Hardangervidda. Various species like red necked phalarope, horned lark, dotterel, Lapland bunting, snow bunting, bluethroat and others are visible. Those that are lucky can even get a chance to see the highly majestic snowy owl.

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You can also go to the west coast in order to enjoy the world-renowned seabird colonies. They are bustling with so much activity. You should visit various islands like Rost and Runde. There are tens of thousands of birds that nest here. Tourists will love the puffins colonies here the most.

Make sure that you go to Finnmark, especially the Varanger peninsula. When it comes to premier birding areas in Europe, this is something that is appreciated. There are various arctic species the birdwatcher wants to see like king eider, brunnich’s guillermot, seteller’s eider and even the red-throated pipit. Some of the Scandinavian specialties that are available include the three toed woodpecker, northern hawk owl, Siberian jay, Siberian tit and the great grey owl. Make sure that you try to find the white tailed eagles since they are wonderful.

If you will visit Norway during autumn, everything will be hectic. It is a good idea to visit during September and October as this is rare species appear. We highly recommend Utsira Island and Lista peninsula during these 2 months.

Birdwatching in Norway is also popular and you should definitely visit the Ostensjovannet area. It is a eutrophic and shallow lake that has quite an unusual habitat for this country. This is a lake that is located just some kilometers away from Oslo. A wonderful nature reserve was set up and the Fornebu bird observatory can be seen on the way. Coniferous forests and mountain habitats are available without having to leave the urban lifestyle that you may be used with.

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Norway is great since it allows people to view so many bird species and you do not actually need a guide in order to enjoy all that. There are many guides that are available and if you do have the necessary equipment, it is possible to visit everything alone or with some friends. It is not that difficult to enjoy all that the country has to offer.


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