Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card?

Well, once you have your trip plans in place, you need to get down to the finer details. It’s true that you cannot get too far without money on yourself, but then, it is best advised to carry a good mix of small cash and other options. After thinking for long hours about how to carry money on your upcoming trip, you now have access to some frequently asked question and answers to your concerns about stashing hard cash in your bag or going along with plastic money …take a look.

Question: Should I carry cash, a debit card or a credit card on my trip?

It all depends on you and your nature of trip. The pros and cons linked with each of these options are discussed below.



  • Carrying big cash poses a security risk.
    If stolen, your notes cannot be replaced.
  • Cash is awkward and bulky to carry.
  • If you are traveling out of the country, then you need to approach a bank for the act of currency conversion.

Debit Card


If properly protected, a debit card is a safer option to lug along and cannot be stolen as conveniently as cash. Debit cards from reputed banks and these which are parts of major networks like Plus or Cirrus can be easily used in most countries of the world. Just visit an ATM in your travel destination and use your card to automatically withdraw local currency; the associated fees and rates of conversion will be reflected in your statement later on. Debit cards help you stay budgeted as the card takes out money only from your checking account. If you happen to be out, you are out! And yes, debit cards are tiny and easy to carry too.


  • Your debit card may fail to work in ATM machines located at your destination. It is a good idea to have a backup debit card.
  • In all probability, during your trips abroad, your debit card may not be accepted at most stores or restaurants, so carry cash for your daily expenses.
  • Finding an ATM in rural areas is like hunting for a needle in the haystack. Remember to stock upon cash at the nearest kiosk before venturing outdoors.

Credit Cards

Easy to carry, credit cards can be replaced if you happen to lose them. You may go ahead and reserve your car rental or hotel on your credit card -you can be assured of guaranteed reservation, even if you are delayed.


  • Your credit card information can be stolen and misused by unscrupulous merchants.
  • Credit cards may/ may not be accepted at some hotels and restaurants, so it is important to carry cash, FOREX card or others modes of payment.
  • The service fees levied on foreign currency transactions can be very high!

Many travelers prefer to choose a combination of these travel money options-act accordingly.

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