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Southbank: Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct

Brisbane is a city with a strong cultural core which can rival any city in Australia. It is a city with plenty to offer if you enjoy the arts, exploring history or sampling unique food and nightlife. Southbank, located across the river from Brisbane’s CBD, has been developed over the years into a vibrant cultural precinct, and it is here ... Read More »

Check Out These Incredible Australian Attractions

Few destinations thrill travel lovers as much as Australia. This diverse area is known for its beautiful landscapes, intriguing history, and exciting attractions. Speaking of attractions…. Australia has a little something for every type of traveller. There are activities that cater to nature lovers, places to entertain history buffs, and spots that are perfect for families. You don’t need an ... Read More »

5 Beautiful Sydney Wedding Locations

  Australia is home to so many scenic, romantic, and amazing places to get married. Whether you already live in Sydney or are planning a destination wedding in the New South Wales capital city, you will have plenty of beautifully perfect places to get married. We have picked 5 very different Sydney wedding destinations to feature for you today: Copes ... Read More »

5 Amazing Events to Experience in Australia in 2016

If you are the kind of person that never let years pass without having any memorable experiences, then you better start preparing yourself for a roller coaster holiday in Australia in 2016. The year 2015 is coming to an end, and the adventurers are already lifting their heads trying to see what 2016 has to offer. Getting your tickets before ... Read More »

Must see Holiday destinations for Couples in Australia

Australia is a paradise for tourists. With its sun-kissed beaches, Great Barrier Reef and epic road trips across countryside, it is a must visit for everyone. If you are planning a trip for your honeymoon or just a tour with your partner, Australia is the perfect option for that romantic getaway. There’s so much to see and so many mesmerizing ... Read More »

This is the Time for Fun Time in Perth, Australia

It is that time of year and there is something everybody looks forward to more than just the presents and holiday cheer. Those wonderful smells that you remember from your childhood past during this season’s holidays didn’t come from the presents! Every year parents not only have to choose the best gifts for their children but the best food to ... Read More »

Seven Best Places to Travel To Before You Die

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best Places to Travel To Before You Die

It is always nice to have a break away from stress and work and just have a great time. And one of the best ways to have a getaway is to travel the world and experience all the different cultures, traditions and the food. There are seven best travel destinations that you must visit before you die. They are China, ... Read More »

Family Travel Destination : Let’s Go To Gold Coast!

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Family Travel Destination Let's Go To Gold Coast

So you’ve recently figured it out that you would like to bring you family (especially those precious kids) to go on a vacation? But you couldn’t find the perfect family travel destination and are torn between two or three places? Well, honestly, we don’t want to interrupt your decision but if you think you might need our help, we do ... Read More »

Worlds best islands

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Worlds best islands

Islands all around the world are known to hold some features that tend to attract more people to visit them especially with advanced modern technology being used in sea and air transport. Some even have historical as well as cultural sites or even places that are full of adventure as well as fun. However, there are those few islands that ... Read More »

How Social Media Trends Makes Luxury Travel go Further

It certainly wasn’t very long ago when portals and travel brands offering luxurious travel opportunities could flaunt their online presence and social media prowess and get more mileage for their products. With just setting up an attractive looking Facebook page not being enough, luxury travel brands’ are now looking towards more captivating strategies to offer the unexpected. Nowadays, social media ... Read More »