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Destination Information in Your Hands: Apps to Make You Feel Like a Seasoned International Traveler

Destination Information in Your Hands: Apps to Make You Feel Like a Seasoned International Traveler

When you’re heading off on your travels, there are a plethora of apps that you can download to help make your vacation run smoothly. However, overloading your phone with hundreds of different apps can actually remove the practicality these apps provide you with in the first place. So, to make sure you’ve only got the best and most functional apps on your phone, here’s a list of the hottest apps you’ll need:


This is the perfect companion for travelers who are embarking on a city break because it contains comprehensive guides to more than 30 cities around the world. Complete with cycle routes, disruption alerts and journey planning information, this handy app will keep you on top of everything whilst you’re traveling around. And, if you need cheering up due to a delay, you can even look how long the journey would take if you wanted to travel by jetpack!

Team this with Weather Live Free for Android and you’ll be able to plan your day with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding any showers in the process.



This free app is incredibly innovative and that’s why over 70 million people have already downloaded and registered for it. With fun lessons and interactive features this app is great for getting to grips with the basics of the language before you head to a foreign country. As it feels like a game, you’ll hardly notice that you’re brushing up on your vocabulary and grammar skills.

XE Currency

If you’re traveling somewhere with a different currency, the app by XE Currency is a must. It helps you to effortlessly convert all of the currencies of the world so you can keep track of your spending whilst you’re away. It also features some more high-tech functionalities such as historic currency charts and the rates for precious metals. But its most impressive feature is perhaps the fact that you’ll be able to check how much something is in your currency even when you’re offline because it stores the latest currency rate you had to provide you with an approximate answer.


Traveling with friends and don’t want to be trying to work out who owes who what all the time? Then download Splittr because this great app provides you with a platform that you and your friends can share. It allows you to pop in your expenses, including who paid for certain things, and the app will work out how much you owe each other. It’s also got a multi-currency feature so you don’t have to worry about calculating exchange rates all of the time.


App in the Air

Providing coverage of all of the airports and airlines, you can stay on top of your flights even if you don’t have any cell phone coverage. It also helps you to plan your time at the airport with ease, including when you need to check in, when your plane will be boarding, your takeoff time and your expected landing time.

This guest article comes from Kay Anderson. Kay is retired and is enjoying her golden years by travelling the globe with her husband on cruises. When at home she likes to share her experiences with an online audience.


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