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Don’t Take Travel For Granted – Making Travel Day Special

Don’t Take Travel For Granted – Making Travel Day Special

The day you leave to go on holiday is one of excitement and wonder, which unfortunately often turns into one of boredom and stress. Waiting around and queuing is no fun really, and whilst we can’t do too much about the waiting, we can find ways to fill our time in a more pleasant way, so time passes quicker, and we’re in our resort much quicker too.

I always find that leaving the house too soon makes the day go much slower, because you’re tired to start with, and this isn’t the best foundation to be building on. I used to book coaches to the airport for early flights, but because of the timings these tended to go around the houses in a ridiculous manner, easily adding four hours onto my day, which I could have spent in bed!

Nowadays I drive myself to the airport and book airport parking instead, because I find this a much more leisurely way to start my day, not to mention cheaper too. I recently booked Leeds Bradford Airport parking for a fantastic price for my upcoming holiday, and I’m looking forward to the journey, rather than it filling me with tiredness and dread!

airport parking

Another way to make departure day a little more fun is to look into the idea of booking a spot in the private airport lounge which offered by every good airport around the world. If you don’t like sitting in a packed room, with people running over your toes every now and then with their cabin bag, then the airport lounge could be the rest and serenity that you’re looking for. You will usually get snacks and drinks included too, which is a double whammy!

Alternatively, you could do what I always do, and that’s head to a quality sit down restaurant, and have a proper meal and a glass of wine. I find this kick-starts my holiday in the right way, and is a bit of a treat to get things moving. You’re also sat in one place, without having to get up and move every five seconds, which is often the case when you’re sat in the general departure area!

departure gate

After that? Well, my plan would be to head to Duty Free for a spot of shopping, treating myself to my favourite perfume and checking out the other offers they have available. Try not to spend too much at this point, but there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself a little, is there?

Waiting around is made much more tolerable if you can fill your time with fun things to do, and these few suggestions should certainly help you do just that.


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