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Exciting Adventures by Cruise Ships

Exciting Adventures by Cruise Ships

Want to experience the delights of floating hotels complete with shuffle-boarding and show tunes? Think beyond the conventional accommodation facilities that have lured you to their not-so-scenic terrains and hop on to one of these intriguing cruises for the vacation of a lifetime. Taking you to some of the most beautiful corners of the world, the style and elegance offered by these action packed liners will make even the most cruise-adverse enjoy.

Antarctica: Haven for Wilderness Lovers

Antarctica, truly the wild frontier, has barely changed from the times when Roald Amundsen had challenged and won the onward progress of rival Robert Falcon Scott in 1911.This land in the South Pole still remains forbidding: its stands stoic in times with landscapes stretching across areas larger than Europe in the form of craggy mountains, broad snowy plains and icy sheets that are more than a mile thick. These confines of the Antarctic Peninsula are now the most accessible parts of the least accessible of all continents and can be accessed by hardy ships from Ushuaia. This port is situated at the southernmost corner of South America and can be reached after a two-day crossing over journey of the immensely rough Drake Passage. Once visited by polar scientists and explorers only, Antarctica and its surrounding lands is now a haven for adventurous tourists-who love to travel in the vessels that surf the waters around this dazzling White Continent. (image by Bob Hudgins)

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If you happen to find yourself on the cruises run by Quark Expeditions, then remember to check out their photography courses that teach you how to best capture Antarctica’s wildlife. Once there, you will also find smaller Zodiac boats ferrying passengers ashore to the areas infested by armies of gentoo, smartly trotting chinstrap penguins, Antarctic fur seals and southern elephant seals alike.

Getting started: Your 14-days ‘Crossing the Antarctic Circle’ trip sets off from the scenic precincts of Ushuaia in Argentina. Remember, most cruises to Antarctica can hardly be considered ‘budget’. So, if you are seeking some great deals, then it is a good idea to travel to Ushuaia and attempt to find a last-minute one on ground. Though a risky strategy, it can result in great discounts that go up to 25percent. Happy?

Scottish Highlands: For Island Lovers

Here, lush islands stretch outwards from Scotland’s west coast, just like big handfuls of shiny stones cast into the sea. From the towering sea cliffs located in the west to red-rocked, mysterious Orkneys in the northern terrains -there is no dearth of places to visit in the nation’s tantalizing terrains. With the meanderings of mainland coastlines running for thousands of miles, you may look forward to finding gentle bays flush with golden sands, bare-rock peninsulas and exotic species of flora and fauna -all in the backdrop of the region’s inspiring Highland mountains.(image by Dave Conner)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Exciting Adventures by Cruise Ships - Scottish Highlands

If you are planning cruise trips to the “Emerald Isles”, then look for a deal on a cruise that departs from the fishing port of Oban (but, they cover just a handful of locations). The Hebridean Princess boasts of itineraries that cover tucked-away places like the far-west island of Boreray; beaches of the Ardnamurcha and parts of the St Kilda archipelago. The Island Cruises run by the liner take you across the Scottish Isles and along the western coast while the smaller vessels jaunt in the Inner Hebrides and other pared-back surrounds-be there!


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