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Florence, Italy – The Saturday City

Florence, Italy – The Saturday City

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence is a place for the lovers of art to gather every weekends and holidays. The biggest draws would be the Uffizi and the David. Other than that, you can certainly witness the beautiful Renaissance designs such as the streets, buildings and

churches. Historically, Florence has been considered as the capital of culture and art. It is a great jumping-off point for a great night life because of its popularity as a study abroad location, food tours and Tuscany wineries.(image by Justin Delaney)

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The food, the gelato, the beautiful buildings and unique small streets will definitely create a magically moment of you like stepping back i time. As if you’ve just landed in the year 1500s and eventually bumping into Da Vinci when you’re walking through the streets. One of the best aspects about traveling to Florence is actually the food itself. While in the city, why don’t you go on a market tour in order to learn more about the local Italian food? There are some hosts that would run a market tour in the city and we believe that if you’re a hardcore foodie, you would never want resist this tour. Learning the history and the details of the food is actually pretty amazing and we highly suggest this food tour.

Speaking of a money saving tips, we’d like to suggest for you to eat cheap when you’re in Florence. Avoid eating in the square or on Piazza della Signoria because it can be very expensive. If you’re looking for cheaper food, go further off of the beaten path. Other than that, spend time doing the people-watching at the beautiful parks around Florence and cut the cost of going to costly museums. Traveling on foot is also another good way in saving your money while traveling to Florence. Since most of the landmarks are within walking distance, it is advisable to walk on your foot to your desired place because it is a lot cheaper.

In Florence there are a lot of things to do and see. One of the most impressive sculptures in the world can be found in Florence. The David is actually a lot more detailed and bigger than you might ever think. This beautiful sculpture is located in the Galleria Dell Academia and among other things you can see are the sculptures by Michelangelo. The most famous square in Florence is situated in the heart of the historic center. Plazza della Signoria and Palazzo Veccino are very popular among tourists and it’s right near the Uffizi. Il Duomo is one of most popular tourist sites in Florence. Duomo actually means cathedral in Italian and it was built in 1296 that carries the Gothic style to it. If you’re traveling to Italy, you wouldn’t want to miss this popular church.(image by Kathy Adams Clark)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Florence, Italy - The Saturday City -Plazza della Signoria

Italy has everything a lover of history, culture and art is seeking for. With its fabulous wine, breathtaking scenery of the countryside and the super great food, there is no doubt on why most tourists are choosing Italy as one of the countries they really want to spend time at in Europe. No life is complete without a trip to the country and we can bet that everytime you visit Italy, you will always fall in love again and again. Pack your belongings, book that airfare tickets to Florence and enjoy the moment of at the vineyards!


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