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Go Avios Big Reward!

Go Avios Big Reward!

There are many great contests in this world. Some for who can run the fastest, some for who can do the scariest thing without flinching, some for those who can write, cycle, guess the lucky number, or be the tenth lucky caller. Contests add fun and excitement to our lives and sometimes push people beyond their comfort zone to reach that goal. And then there is the Avios Big Reward Contest, which is in a league of it’s own.

It’s more of a Charles Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie meets Mother Theresa and they mix it up with a bit of Buddha love and Santa Clause. The Avios Big Reward Contest, which I found through this heart-warming, unreal YouTube video shows how, still and needed more than ever, mankind can reach the fullest extent of beautiful and reward others for being humanitarian. The Avios Big Reward Contest is about unsung, personal heroes who changed this one person’s life by being there, believing in them, or helping them through this one personal, very rough spot in their lives.

We’re so proud and deeply honored to share feel-good, be-inspired, find-your-greatest-love, deep-appreciation sorts of initiatives like this one. It’s such a rare and sometimes forgotten virtue to show deep appreciation for those who have extended a hand to us in our greatest times of need and this, well, this one hits the spot.

I [almost] cried when the girl who’s fighting for her life and her hair just started growing back, when her mom opens the door and the girl looks at her mom and they hug. Oh, the soul knows when you touch something really real.
Go Avios Big Reward! I bless you with much support and sharing of your amazing project.
Greg Jacobs
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