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Go Skiing in Meribel this Winter!

Go Skiing in Meribel this Winter!

Nestled in the middle of the majestic French Alps, the Tarentaise Valley is known for the biggest concentration of world class ski resorts. Amongst the many hotels and other accommodations available for tourists, a great resort to go skiing at is Meribel. It is truly  a slice of heaven.

Meribel was founded way back in in the 1930’s when Colonel Peter Lindsay came looking for an alternative ski destination. Meribel caters to the essential alpine enthusiast with many options for ski wear outlets within the resort as well as for those who like to stay in vogue with designer brands like Prada and Fendi catering to their needs.

It caters to your every need when you choose Meribel as your next skiing destination. This resort is primarily segregated into two chalets, namely Chalet Parc Alpin and Chalet Charlotte. What sets Meribel apart from the other ski resorts in the region is not just its gorgeous location, but also the style in which the chalets have been designed. The use of wood and stone screams of the local vibe and this experience will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Look into the luxurious chalets available at Meribel and prepare yourself to have a winter vacation like never before.


Irrespective of the chalets you choose, you will be merely a few minutes away from the ski lifts and the town. The Meribel Village Centre has a plethora of options for everyone. Ranging from the best shopping experience, top notch restaurants and bars which are known for the culinary delights. The centre also boasts of a large sports centre which is equipped with a heated swimming pool, bowling alley, and even an indoor ice rink. There also exists an Olympic Centre which was built for the erstwhile Winter Olympics in 1992.  This too has world class amenities such as an indoor pool, ice rink, spa and fitness centre. Snowmobiling and horse sleighing is also a top favourite among the visitors and tours are easily arranged via the resort or directly at the centre.

Meribel offers the best in the world of skiing to everyone in its own special way. So, whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner, Meribel is the place for you. Meribel’s location provides you with the terrain that lets you experiment, practice, and most of all, enjoy your ski vacation to the fullest. For those who are experienced skiers, the valley has many options which provide the right and safe terrain and of course the adrenaline rush you all are looking for.

So strap on those ski boots on and step into a magical winter land with Meribel as you enjoy the French Alps in all their snow clad beauty.


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