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Goodbye Tantrums?

Goodbye Tantrums?

Whilst a family holiday should be full of memories you remember for all the right reasons, it is packed with the possibility of many a drama or stress! Whilst we can’t totally cut out the tantrums and tears that will always make an appearance at some point, we can cut out some of the pre-holiday and during-holiday stress, by simply being prepared, and one step ahead.

Here’s how.

Knowledge is power!

You know that familiar saying, be prepared? Well it really does work here! A good way to make sure you know exactly where you need to be and when on your travel day is to check up to date flight times in the days leading up to your departure day. I always do this as a matter of course now, whether I’m traveling alone or with the family, and it really does cut down on the fear of the unknown.(Image by Jason Eugenio)

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Distraction techniques

If you have an iPad, tablet, or smart phone, it’s always a good idea to load it up before you leave with films, games, books, apps, puzzles etc, and make sure the charge is seriously full! If you can, consider buying a mobile charger battery, which is a godsend when your iPhone battery is blinking red. Having all these activities to hand will keep the mind off the waiting, and in the mind of a child, when they’re overexcited already, and desperate to get on holiday, waiting is basically the devil. Keep their mind off it as much as possible, and the day should go a little smoother.

Instil a bit of routine

Whilst you’re waiting for your boarding gate to show, it’s always a good idea to head off to a restaurant and fuel up. I find a good sit down meal is always better than a fast food burger joint, as sitting down as a family and eating a more healthy meal is something you would probably be more likely to do at home, and we all know that kids need their routine. Hungry children are also more likely to have that aforementioned tantrum, so this works both ways.(Image by Chris)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - flight boarding Goodbye Tantrums

Stay calm yourself

It’s easier said than done, I know, but if you’re calm, then your kids will be calm. If you’re stressed and pulling your hair out, then don’t be surprised when they start to mirror your emotions, and everyone falls out! Even if you have to fake it, keep calm; even if you have to count to ten in your head to stop yourself from crying out of tiredness and pre-travel boredom, do it! Believe me, you will be glad you did.

Travel isn’t easy regardless of your age, but children do find the waiting around harder than most. Try these tips, keep distracted and calm, and hopefully your travel day will fly by, leaving you free to enjoy all the fun of your holiday.


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