Let’s Talk About Fireworks!

Let’s Talk About Fireworks!

Where will you be on New Year’s Eve? At some party with your friends, celebrating the end of another round trip around the Sun and the start of a new one? Sitting at home, with a glass of champagne, playing mobile casino games, away from the madding crowd? I know where I will be – witnessing an amazing show of light and noise, painting the night sky in wonderful colors when the clock ticks the last second of 2015.

Fireworks have been a way to chase away evil spirits and pray for prosperity since the 7th century. As gunpowder, fireworks also come from China. They were usually popped around the Lunar New Year – and the custom of shooting explosives toward the skies has become a worldwide tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are used in most places during the night between the years, but some of them are much more spectacular.

Many think the amazing light show of the Burj Khalifa is the absolute record holder when it comes to fireworks – but they are mistaken. The biggest ever fireworks display – as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records – was put up by a Norse company on the 29th of November in 2014, to celebrate the lighting of the Christmas lights of Søgne, a city of Norway. But when it comes to New Years fireworks, Dubai is certainly the best of the trade.

Burj Khalifa fireworks

Last year the tallest hotel slash building of the world was lit up on New Year’s Eve by more than 400,000 fireworks. Attended by thousands of locals and tourists, the light show was completed by LED shows and lasers, dancing fountains and everything else that can make the night spectacular.

But if you don’t feel like visiting the Middle East during the winter holidays, you can absorb a bit of mid-summer temperatures while watching one of the most spectacular fireworks displays of the Southern Hemisphere in Sydney. The show, which you can enjoy in an embalming summer air, turns the Sydney Harbour Bridge into an arc of fire, and the night sky above its famous Opera House into a canvas painted in amazing colors with light.

London’s New Year fireworks are also a thing to put on most bucket lists. Seeing the famous Eye turn into a ring of fire, maybe even from the top of the Shard, turns it into a memorable display. Due to the high interest in the display, it is ticketed – visitors need to pay £10 to access the banks of the river Thames to see it from the best possible spots. But even if you have to pay, the display is amazing – it’s worth the price.


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