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Luxury Accommodation in Whitby Area

Luxury Accommodation in Whitby Area

Discover Whitby

Whitby is a port town which is situated in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire in England. Located near the River Esk, Whitby is known for its rich heritage in maritime and tourism.  There is an array of nice hotels in the Whitby area that provide you with the perfect gateway to the countryside.

It is encircled by the North York Moors and has a breathtaking coastline with the highest cliffs in England. It’s striking beauty and character draws tourists from all over to visit this quaint countryside town. The history and tradition of Whitby is also another crowd favourite. Not to forget the wonderful local food, villages, scenery and festivals, why wouldn’t anyone be drawn to this beautiful city.

The magnificent port town of Whitby is surrounded by the North York Moors national park. You can take a trip down by the Heritage Coast where fishing villages dating back to the time of Robin Hood still exist. Fabulous views of the Moors surrounding small villages within offer a beautiful contrast to the villages settled down by the River Esk. It is often said that those who Visit Whitby , decide to stay back forever.


Things to do

While in the gorgeous countryside of Whitby , there are many places to visit , many sites to see and a lot of things to absorb and cherish.

To begin with, start at the Captain Cook Memorial museum. As a young man, Captain Cook stayed in an old manor which is now a beautiful museum dedicated to him, with artifacts that will take you way back in time.

Indulge in pure unadulterated beauty with a train journey over the magnificent North York Moors via the Esk Valley Line or the steam powered North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Whitby Station.whitby-train

A rather new development and a must is a trip to the Whitby Brewery. Known for producing delicious ales since 1013, the Whitby brewery is a gem and has been handmade by the local craftsmen of Whitby. Make sure you drop by to check out the perfect recipe for a cracking Yorkshire Ale here.

And don’t forget to enjoy the bone-chilling ‘Dracula experience’ organised every now and then. The literary character Count Dracula is famous from the town of Whitby. There are even ‘walks’ arranged in search of Count Dracula, which are exciting and are a treat for people from all age groups.

Raven Hall Hotel In Whitby

The town of Whitby offers a range of options to stay. One of the premier properties is the Raven Hall Hotel Lodges and Golf Course.


Situated between Whitby and Scarborough, it’s the perfect setting in the countryside which offers the best in luxury and tradition that you can imagine.

Equipped with 55 bedrooms and suites, the lodges have been hand built with the finest timber and patios in the entire area. Choose Raven Hall as your abode during your stay in the magical countryside of Whitby.


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