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Planning the Perfect Road trip

Planning the Perfect Road trip

A road trips consists of making several stops and having long car rides. If you plan your next vacation to be spent on a road trip you need to start preparing early. A road trip can be exhausting to plan especially if travelling with your whole family. For the whole trip, your car will be turned into a family room which will present several challenges as well as opportunities. Here are some of the best tips that you should consider when preparing and planning a road trip.

Check your car

Before you leave home, take you car for a thorough tune up so as to ensure that it is in good working condition and ready for long hours of driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should ensure that you get a qualified mechanic to check your car’s battery, tires, fluids, belts and even air conditioner. The can mechanic can also advised on which motor oil to use, may be oil with higher viscosity if you are traveling to hot climate areas. Check your booster seats that they are properly installed to ensure that even the kids are safe.

Carry an Emergency Kit

Before leaving home, make sure that you gear up properly for safety precautions. Some of the most recommended items that you should always pack in your emergency kits include water, jumper cables, a flashlight, blankets, first aid kit, tools to change tires and even flares. It is also recommended that you apply for the roadside assistance plan where you can call in case of an emergency. Learn about their policies what they include. It is also advisable to equip your family members with sunglasses and sun blocks. (Image by Shawn)

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Get good sleep

According to highways authorities, thousands of accidents every year are mainly contributed by drivers who drive while feeling drowsy or sleepy. Getting enough sleep help to reduce the risk of an accident. Ensure that you are well rested before leaving for your road trip. If you are traveling together with other drivers, it is advisable that you drive in shifts. Switch after few hours to allow you to rest.

Have Flexible Plans

Things are usually expected to go differently no matter how much time you take planning. It is recommended that when you are on a road trip, ensure that you go with the flow and keep an open mind. There are various situations that were not expected that can slow you up. These include messy accidents, broken bridges, road constructions as well as severe weather conditions. On the other hand, you may never know when an interesting or fun opportunity will arise. While driving, you may come across a popular tourist attraction and decide to spend sometime there.

Stay Entertained

It is very important that you don’t get bored especially if you are the one driving. Getting bored can really endanger your travel party when you begin to feel tired and cause an accident. It recommended that you carry some music or even classic car games that will help get rid of boredom.(Image by Mira d’Oubliette)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Stay Entertained Planning the Perfect Road trip

A perfect road trip can really be an unforgettable adventure for your family. However, it can it can also turn to be a stressful experience if not properly planned. Get travel tip from the various sources so as to get everything squared.


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