Points to Remember in Regards to your Travel Insurance

Planning to travel abroad but are concerned about the monetary implications and nagging hassles connected with lost baggage, delay in flight departures, cancellation of hot accommodation, serious injuries or illnesses? Fret not, with a well planned travel insurance cover, you can say “no” to these worries and look forward to a more memorable and relaxed business trip or vacation.

If you have already gone through the different ways of paying premiums, signing for additional benefits and staking claims, then take a look at the other essential heavyweight inclusions demanded by your insurance.


In the event of something preventing you from traveling, you may nominate the total amount of coverage-which is equal to the full cost of your entire trip and any extras. Remember, the lower the amount, the less expensive your policy becomes.

Travel delay

Every day of delay can notch a minimum of US$250 per day -look out for the exclusions related to strikes, war, natural disasters, and terrorism. It’s wrong to expect too much too-so, if you think that you will be showered with cash just for those couple of hours spent panting and sweating on a aircraft that has been grounded, then you need to think again. If it happens to be the airline’s fault, then you are likely to be covered for delays that are of 24 hours or more only.

Personal liability

In case a co-passenger or stranger trips on your carelessly placed baggage, ends up injuring himself and sues you for damages, you have to be covered to avoid any financial stress. With up to US$2 million being a reasonable figure, you can look forward to a lot of help from including the personal liability clause in your selected travel insurance.

Car Rental

Your travel insurance will not cover the full cost if you find yourself in the face of an accident while traveling in a car rental-even if the event takes place without any fault of yours. It can surely help with the extras (the amount that you become liable to pay);but will still need to take out the not-optional insurances provided by your chosen car rental company too. Be aware of the excess ad see if you can reduce the same to more comfortable limits, also ensure that you do not end up with huge out of pocket expenses due to a travel insurance policy that fails to cover you properly.

As the travel insurance coverage for personal liability excludes motor vehicle use in most cases, remember to ask for the presence of the right cover with your company–especially for all third party liabilities in the case of an accident.

While travelling, keep all emergency numbers close by. If at all you require medical help, then go ahead and seek treatment urgently. If you fail to call for help, then the people in charge of you in a hospital will find the number on your self-so, ensure that you always have a copy of your relevant Certificate of Insurance with you, just in case!

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