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Protect Your Trip and Yourself against the Unexpected

Protect Your Trip and Yourself against the Unexpected

After making a significant investment on a vacation abroad, don’t forget the importance of travel insurance. It can mean the difference between a smooth trip or a nightmare should things go awry. There is no reason to take a risk on the investment, especially if the trip costs as much as a used car. Be educated and understand the benefits of spending a little extra on travel insurance.

The Basics

Most people understand the basic coverages that travel insurance includes. If something unexpected comes up, such as a death in the family or sudden illness that prevents you from taking the trip, travel insurance can get you up to 100% of the investment back.

What if your bags get lost or your flight is delayed, it can cause a serious disruption in your vacation. Travel insurance can help protect you from the cost of those losses.(Image by marsmetn tallahassee)

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Imagine that someone trips over your misplaced luggage and need medical attention. Your liability for the medical bills can come out of your own pocket if you aren’t covered.

These are just a few of the basic points to remember about travel insurance.

The Unexpected

While most of the basics are issues that travelers hope to never encounter, but understand are a risk, many travelers don’t even think about the unexpected. It’s understandable, too. No one wants to imagine getting an illness or injury while on vacation. The truth is, it happens, and it happens more frequently than you are aware. This is where travel insurance really becomes important.

Imagine you are traveling overseas in a country that does not speak your native language. You trip on a curb and twist your ankle, but have no idea where to go or how you will pay for your medical visit. It leaves you stranded, and paying out more money on a trip you were supposed to be enjoying. Now your spending budget is gone.(Image by Austin Scott)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  medical visi Trip and Yourself against the Unexpected

Let’s take this one step further. You are on a cruise, out in the ocean, and have a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention; attention that the medical staff on board is not equipped for. Now you have to get medical evacuation to a facility that can handle your needs.

Someone who doesn’t have travel insurance will be stuck with language barriers and bills that they can’t afford. Someone who has travel insurance can call the support line, find out where the nearest facility is, and get medical evacuation. There are caps on the insurance, based on the premium that you choose, but in most cases it will cover what you need.

No one wants to think that the unexpected will happen to them, but it is just as possible abroad as it is in your backyard.

Get Educated

Understand what you need before getting quotes or making a purchase. The US Travel Insurance Association FAQ page encourages travelers to contact their current insurance company to find out what may be covered already, if anything. Medical coverage is often good in the US, but it will not cover anything if traveling abroad. Find out what your insurance will cover, or won’t, before doing anything else.

Keep in mind that travel insurance is important for more than just medical coverage. Even if you are covered for medical expenses, you will still want to purchase a smaller policy to cover the basics discussed before. Seven Corners travel insurance allows you to compare four different trip cancellation programs. They have an eye-opening list of the different reasons that a trip can be canceled, including airline bankruptcies, flight delays, airline cancellations, tour cancellations, lost luggage and lost hotel reservations.

No matter where you travel, make sure you are covered against any issues that can arise.


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