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Sightseeing in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seattle

Seattle is known for its various popular and famous attractions in addition to the many fun activities. It has a diverse set of attractions that you can arrange to go visit them on your next vacation. Some of the best tourist attractions in Seattle include:

Seattle Center

The Seattle center is also known to be the city’s hub of entertainment. It is popularly known for its fountains, museums, theaters, skate parks, events arena and even dozens of restaurants. Over 10 million tourists from all areas visit the Seattle center every year especially due to its fantastic culture and arts. Some of the popular attractions include the Pacific Science Center, the skyline-defining Space Needle, EMP Museum and of course the Chihuly Garden.

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art museum is located in downtown area and showcases permanent as well as travelling exhibits and collections. The permanent collections include the Meso-American and the Native collections from the original inhabitants of the area. There are also contemporary works, Asian pieces as well as European masterpieces of sculptures and portraits. There is also the Asian Art museum that features Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Southeast Asia collections.(Image by David Herrera)

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Museum of flight

Seattle is known to be the home to some of the big companies that manufactures airline. You can therefore never be surprised to find one of the finest aviation museums in the world. At the Museum of Flight you get to see numerous artifacts such as the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, an original Concorde jetliner and even an actual 707 jet. Many of the exhibits are great for families with kids as it also has a kid’s flight zone where the kids can put their piloting skills into test.

Olympic Sculpture Park

This is one of the various free attractions found in Seattle. This park is usually open for the public throughout the year and it exhibits sculptures from artists such as Alexander Calder, Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois and even Mark di Suvero. Beside the many native trees and plants found in the park, there are also has a few eco-friendly features such as a Salmon habitat and rainwater capture. Tourist can go through the grassy meadows and vast expanses of the park with paths connecting to other biking paths and beachside trails.

Woodland Park Zoo

This is the only place in Seattle where you get a chance to see a wallaroo, kookaburra and a chuckwalla. Woodland park zoo is also popular for its prehensile-tailed porcupine, green acouchi and sloth bears. This is the perfect place for tourists seeking to have a glimpse of some of the Seattle’s exotic wildlife. The park also features the Trail of Vines and the Northern trails.

Woodinville Wine Country

This wine country is located about a half an hour drive from Seattle and is famous for its local wineries, tasting rooms and even cellars. It also features one of the finest restaurants in the Northwest called the Herbfarm. You can also take a tour to the Yakima Valley wine region where some of the best grapes in Washington are grown.(Image by Phillip)

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Seattle is one of the best places for a sightseeing vacation with numerous other great attractions such as the Pike Place market, Seattle Waterfront and even the Chinatown International District. If you are planning to visit the city, ensure that you get to have first hand experience in some of these attractions.


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