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Take a Tour through Indochina and See Really Magical Places

Take a Tour through Indochina and See Really Magical Places

Looking for travel packages that break the mould? Don’t want to go where everybody else has gone before? Instead, why don’t you make your travel dreams come true, at a price that doesn’t break the bank! One of the popular tours in this vein is to Indochina, which is a beautiful part of the world. So what are some of the truly magical places you will get to see on this trip?

Indochina with Tauck Tours

When you visit Indochina with Tauck Tours you will explore the countryside of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, as well as seeing its amazing cosmopolitan cities. You will see floating markets, mystical islets, artisans’ workshops, Khmer temples, killing fields and wartime tunnels. Let’s take a look at a few things you really shouldn’t miss.


The largest city in Vietnam is Saigon, which is truly cosmopolitan. Don’t miss the Notre Dame Cathedral, the former Presidential Palace and the War Remnants Museum. This museum looks at the Vietnam War and how it affected the country. Of course, you should also visit Hanoi, the capital of the city. It is dubbed as the “Paris of the East”, because it is so romantic with its boulevards, parks and lakes. If you can, visit Hoi An as well, which is UNESCO listed. The houses here are over 200 years old and there is a fantastic market here as well. If you want to reflect and meditate, stop over at the Chinese Pagoda in Hoi An. Finally, if you have time to see Hue, the capital of the country under the ruling of the Nguyen Dynasty, is fascinating. Walking along the Imperial Citadel is an experience you will never forget. And it is the perfect place to take a tour by boat on the Perfume River.


Camodia is an amazingly beautiful country. It is starting to come out of the brutal legacy of the Khmer Rouge Regime, when Pol Pot ruled the country. Make sure you visit the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crime to see what impact this regime actually had. The Killing Fields are just as impressive. You must try to balance the history and present of Cambodia, so do also visit the Silver Pagoda, the Royal Palace and the National Museum. Angkor Thom is also a fascinating city. Leave from the Southern Gate and make your way to the Bayon. From here, visit the Elephant Terrace as well as the Terrace of the Leper King. Make sure you don’t forget to visit Angkor Wat as well.

Take a Tour through Indochina and See Really Magical Places1


When in Laos, you simply cannot miss out on a visit to the Kuangsi Waterfall. Also, take a boat ride and enjoy the Mekong River. If you have time, visit UNESCO listed Luang Prabang as well, where you can see amazing temples.
The history of Indochina is truly ancient and it is filled with amazing natural wonders. It is impossible to not leave the area in awe after your Tauck Tours holiday.