The 5 Most Visited Sites in New Zealand

New Zealand has so many features that are attractive to many visitors. It has so many beauty spots, activities and adventuring places which ensure that there is always something for visitors taste. In New Zealand, visitors enjoy shopping in the city, swimming in the beach, relaxing with a cup of tea as well as enjoying playing golf. It is often very difficult to know which enjoyable activity to start with especially when your time for traveling is short. To enable visitors to enjoy most of the New Zealand feature, many good car rental companies such as Hertz which offer great and easy online booking process.

In New Zealand there are dozens of more gorgeous and unique places where most visitors prefer to visit. Among many, the best five are as follow:


It is a city which stands out among the New Zealand communities. It distinctive character was achieved after the 1931 earthquake which led to proper leveling of the city. The effort of it rebuilding spurred the economy of the local people from depression. In this city, there are both natural and manmade monuments which attract the attention of many visitors. The weather in Napier city is also very conducive to visitor thus making it to afford very large number of tourist. Many visitors enjoy the world-class sunset, green space lines and amazing breach front.

Punakaiki coast

It is located on the South Islands west coast of New Zealand. There are many beautiful beaches, rocky and amazing lush vegetation that offer a primal and fresh sort of atmosphere to the visitors. Many visitors enjoy visiting this site because of it unique coastal rock formation referred to as Pancake rocks.

The Coromandel

It is wild and green peninsula which is shaped like a hand giving the middle finger to the metropolis Auckland located nearly. Many people spend most of their time on New Zealand winding coastal roads using rental car. It is a region where people believed that the first human being in New Zealand landed. Thus for these reason it attract millions of visitors every year.

Tongariro National Park

When visitor come New Zealand, they enjoy the rugged volcanic landscape which resembles Mars more than the typical North Island of the country. The place provides a perfect filming area for the evil realm of Mordor (the lord of the ring trilogy). It also offer 19km hike which are located in the center referred to as Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The weather in the place is beautiful and unforgettable.

Golden Bay

It is a laid- back area located on the north of Abel Tasman. Visitors enjoy the 30 kilometer expanse of sand referred to the Farewell Spit. The area experience moderate wind which make the visitor to never forget the place. Conclusion In conclusion, New Zealand has so many places and feature that make a visitor take more time to adventure.

Therefore, booking rental car in advance makes the visit easier. It enables the visitor to enjoy the experience of many places and save time for further touring in New Zealand. Most remote and gorgeous places in New Zealand cannot be traveled using trains or air means of transport, hence car rental with experienced drivers from good car rental companies are preferred.

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