The Difference between Budget Travel and Cheap Travel

“I ended up spending only $10 every day in India” or “I spent only $ 6000 in traveling the world last year” are comments that often come to ear in travel circles infested with the headier- than- thou cult of backpackers and so called “cheap travelers“. You will be amused by the ways in which they wax poetic about the little money spent on their trips. These comments are oft repeated on Facebook walls and tweets too-making you wonder, “What kind of travelers are they?”

In most cases, these comments are believed to be false and readers /listeners end up feeling that they are being taken for a royal ride with quotes. Read on for the differences in just being downright cheap and traveling on a budget. In the eyes of an expert, traveling smartly and within constrained budgets is the right way of going about the act rather than cringing at every step and spending where the expense could be avoided. In a nutshell, the act is not about spending the least but how you spend your money

It’s not a Competition

Years have gone by but the debate linked to the topic “traveler vs. tourist” has been going on and on. Well, travel is certainly not a contest and the debate is now a tired one with people sounding stuck up and highly pretentious. Simply put, spending $ 10 on a vacation every day does not make you a conditioned traveler, nor does it make you a veteran who deserves accolades and bows for his expertise in managing travel money. So, instead of sounding like a douche bag and making snide comments in return, try to find out the ways in which the guy ended up saving money.

There is no right or wrong way to travel. What suits one may be totally impractical for another-so, instead of feeling guilty about spending a fortune on cruises, guided tours abroad or heading off to an all inclusive resort; simply follow your heart and pockets too! On the other hand, you may be liking the idea of roughing it out in exotic locales-at places which are hard to reach, have minimal accommodation facilities, are devoid of basic amenities; but offer the best scenery in the world -just go for it.

The same approach goes for budget travels as well. Tourists managing to get by on paltry cash resources need to be respected, but then it is also important to respect those who have managed to budget their travel needs and are staying in hotels and have air conditioners on when it’s sizzling hot and humid outside. As you will never get an award for traveling cheap, it is no point bragging about the same-simply act smart and get all predictable travel costs together, look for the best deals on hotel tariffs and flights, manage your travel money in the best possible way-and you are a winner! With simple but effective tips up your sleeve, you can be well equipped to handle any situation that comes your way -Enjoy!

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