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Things to Consider When Visiting Barcelona

Things to Consider When Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona, one of the best and popular cities in the world, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. With its ancient history, beautiful arts, high number of tourists and amazing nightlife, Barcelona can be one of the most dangerous places to visit as well. Bag snatching and pick pocketing are common in Barcelona but that alone won’t stop you from traveling to Barcelona, will they?

Below are the things you can consider when visiting Barcelona:

Flights to Barcelona

Even though most people would agree that booking flights to Barcelona will most likely score you a low-cost ticket, sometimes you can also get a cheaper flight airfare if you do the last-minute booking. Well, truthfully, that really depends on your luck. If you’re looking to go with the budget airlines, you must understand that the seats can fill up pretty quickly and the fares may increase as time goes by. You might also consider for early morning or late night flight for more economical flight.(Image by Teemu Rytky)

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Accommodation in Barcelona

Finding a place to stay in Barcelona can be one of the most nerve-wrecking things to do. There are a lot of different accommodations in the city, ranging from the simple guest houses, backpacker’s hostels, to boutique hotels and deluxe apartments. When you’re arranging for your accommodation in Barcelona, you will need to take three simple tips on how to do it. The first thing is to choose the right type of accommodation that will suit your needs. It has to come with all the amenities and services that you are looking for. Among many great online booking sites out there, Apartment Barcelona is a great one to start with. The site is not only user friendly, but it also offers a great selection of 1000 apartments in Barcelona and  they guaranty the best price! Remember, finding the right location will also ensure your trip a memorable one. And lastly, getting the best rates will help you to adjust according to your budget.

Local Transportation in Barcelona

Barcelona is well-known as the city that has a punctual, clean and air-conditioned metro system that is available almost anywhere around the city. The local transportation are always able to take you to most of the major attractions and sights. It can be quite hot to walk around especially during summer, therefore, getting on local transportation will give you more opportunity to discover the city comfortably. There are a lot of different local transporation in Barcelona, ranging from trains, metro, taxis, buses, Aero-buses, car hire, and RENFE trains.(Image by Francisco Aragão)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Local Transportation Things to Consider When Visiting Barcelona

Food in Barcelona

When in Spain, do it like the Spaniards? What is the use of traveling all the way to Barcelona if you don’t plan on eating the local dishes? The gastronomic of Barcelona offers more than what you would ever imagine. The city and its surrounding areas are known internationally for the culture of consuming food and its delicious cuisine. Among the food that we can possibly suggest are the Crema Catalana and Pan Con Tomate. Try as much as Catalan dishes as you can from the Escalivada to Mel I Mato and Esqueixada. Well, enjoy your meal and “Bon Profit!” which literally translate to “Bonne Appetit” in Catalonia.

A trip to Barcelona will never be complete if you don’t try a lot of different things. The first thing you should do is to ensure that you get the best flight fare and the most comfortable accommodation in Barcelona.


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