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Things you need to know about the SIM cards While Traveling In Israel

Things you need to know about the SIM cards While Traveling In Israel

If we talk about today, I believe every one of us know what a sim is and how can it be used. Technology has made its way in our lives very uniquely. Just a decade before, there has been no concept of having cell phones and people used to call each other with the help of landlines. However, if we compare them with today, everyone around us has a cell phone and it won’t be wrong to say that even the babies know how to use a cell in their early years.

However, people who don’t know how to use a cell phone, this article will help them a lot. Basically, cell phone is used to call someone without getting fixed in one room, unlike in the case of landlines. Sim or subscriber identity module is a small chip which enables you to connect to the whole world. If it is difficult to understand, then imagine it something like a DNA. Every human being has a unique DNA and it’s the only thing which makes them different from other human beings. Similarly, Sims holds the identity of its user, and his personal information like address etc.

If you want to use a sim, you have to do more than just buying. You have to activate it in your name first. Without it, you can’t use it. Either you have to call a service center, or you have to file an application online. Without doing these two things, you won’t be able to use your SIM normally.

There are two different kinds of Sims. Following are those:

·        Pre-paid Sims:

As the name says for itself, pre-paid means that you have to pay first in order to use them. There are different companies which are offering card service, in which you have to buy the card and enter the number to get the balance. Without balance you won’t be able to use your SIM for calls and messages. Either you want a pre-paid SIM or postpaid, you have to decide it at the time of activation. You can also convert your SIM afterwards too.


·        Postpaid Sims:

Postpaid Sims is those which require you to pay after using a certain amount of balance. These Sims are exactly like landline phones regarding the billing systems. Like electricity and gas bills, you have to pay your mobile phone bill as well.

There are different kinds of smartphones available in the market which does not require SIM cards to operate. You can use them without your own SIM card and can be connected with the internet and other services. Children used to play games on those phones. If you are planning to buy a phone for yourself, then you first need to buy the card, and in that case, you must consider buying sim card Israel. They are one of the best cards in the world and they are easy to use for the beginners as well.


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