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Tips Visiting Venice, Italy for the First Time

Tips Visiting Venice, Italy for the First Time

Ah, Venice. After Paris, this is probably one of the world’s most romantic places to be. The best poets throughout centuries had been mentioning this storied city all over again. No trips in this world is complete without visiting Venice. Every corner of the city begs for photograph to be taken and the beautiful ancient cobblestones crumbling into one another as the bright flowers filled the window boxes tidily, all of which keep summoning you to come back soon. If that is not enough, below is a list of tips for visiting Venice, Italy for the very first time.

Travel via Trains

If you are from Milan or Rome, you can easily get to Venice via trains. For the best price and travel duration, Rail Europe does have the schedules for you to see. Other than that, you can also travel to the nearest towns and cities around Venice. For examples, a 26-minute ride on a train will get you to Padua for just AU$26 and a trip to Vicenza will take about 43 minutes from Venice.(Image by Ed Z)

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Explore the City

Do not stress out about the fact that you will get lost. This is because wherever you are in Venice, you will definitely get lost! The streets were built without a reason, no rhyme and order, and they are medieval. There will be a lot of turns, twists and dead ends. You will be surprised that you will come across a bookstore called the Libreria Acqua Alta while wandering around the city. Or perhaps, another delicious Italian restaurant hiding in a corner.

Ride the Gondolas

This has got to be one of the many things most people want to do in their bucket lists. And, for good reason. If the weather is nice and it’s not raining and cold, go ahead and ride the gondola. You will be the most happiest person on earth as you ride the gondola and the gondolier serenades you by playing music. It’s quite romantic, we must admit. You don’t want to regret not doing it! You will never know when you will ever get back there, right?(Image by triggercellhd)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ride the Gondolas Venice Italy for the First Time

The Jewish Ghetto

For an off-the-beaten path destination, go on a walking tour to the Jewish Ghetto. You will learn a lot about the Jewish Ghetto’s role in the history of Venice and the admission to the museum is also included in the walking tour’s price. There are plenty of art galleries, restaurants, knick-knack shops and bakeries around. And if you are lucky, you might be invited to join the community for a Shabbat dinner.

To be honest, traveling to Venice will literally slap you in the face with its natural beauty for a lot of times. The laundry being draped carefully from lines, the hidden courtyard gardens, the cool breeze blowing slowly and the beautiful arched stone bridges will be the ones welcoming you there. It will be the city that will take your breath way and you won’t believe it until you keep asking yourself, “Is this place real!? Or am I imagining it?”


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