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Top Cities to Visit in 2014

Top Cities to Visit in 2014

Discover the final cut on some of the best travel destinations and experiences of 2014.From destinations on the rise to reinvented classics, there is a lot to do and see in these top cities during your next vacation.


Watch tulips in full bloom in front of the iconic Sacre Coeur or gaze upon the heights of the Eifel Tower from afar- Paris has taken on a new role and attracts with its many restored bounties, World Heritage Sites, pièce de résistance of Seine’s Right Bank, car free zones between Musée d’Orsay and Pont de l’Alma, gardens sailing on 1800 sq metres of beautifully landscaped artificial islands and a lot more. The other newly found attractions of the city are a gold ‘flying carpet’ roof which attracts tourists to Louvre’s Islamic art galleries and interior courtyards; the chimes of new bells replicating the medieval notes of Notre Dame; displays by  Musée Picasso in 17th-century Marais mansion….. In a nutshell, this city is all the more beautiful now and worthy of your visit. (image by Anirudh Koul)

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Rio de Janerio

Rio de Janerio– Brazil‘s Carnival capital is wedged between sapphire seas and emerald mountains and throws in some glitzy parties as well! Here, you need no excuses to dust off your drums and cheer your favorite football World Cup players in world class stadia. Removed from soccer and samba, the other attractions that are bound to catch your fancy are Rio’s parks, gardens and many benches that are being frantically spruced up for the upcoming 2016 Olympics; the relaxed surroundings of Salvador de Bahia– Brazil’s first colonial capital; the region’s delectable cuisines, fervored merrymaking ……. And a lot more!


The streets of Sarajevo are a melting pot of some of the greatest religions of the world. Oft compared and referred to Istanbul (albeit in its mini form), Sarajevo is on the path of slow but steady recovery and is getting over the ordeals of its brutal war years. Resilient, tranquil and having  a way of carving out its own exciting future, Sarajevo boasts of many creative breeding grounds, theatres, independent bookshops, sweet-smelling bakeries, coffee houses and yes, swirling shisha smoke found in riotous nightclubs.


The gradual redevelopment of the areas of Albert Dock has evolved into an entire cultural renaissance. This thriving city, once renowned as the planet’s pop music capital, has now rediscovered its mojo and is setting trends all over again. Head for Liverpool this year and experience the fervor and celebrations of Liverpool Biennial– a ten-week-long festival of contemporary arts that promises to enthrall your senses with works from all around the world. You may also like to experience the newly established creative quarters like the Baltic Triangle, fashion studios springing in brick-built warehouses close to Mersey and a lot more.


Boasting of one of the lowest populated areas in Sweden, Umeå offers its attractions and cultural heritage in remote northern precincts of the country. Here, you will find death metal and opera being admired with equal gusto. Embrace its bitterly cold winters by being outdoors, chill out in the vibrant company of the city’s 36,000-odd students or simply indulge in the region’s many cultural and art events -there is a lot to do and see here! (image by TouringClubItaliano)

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