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Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Horse Trailers

Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Horse Trailers

If you are someone who needs to transport horses, if at home or on your outdoor holiday, often and cannot spend a lot of money on a new horse trailer, then the best option for you is a second hand horse trailer. There are many kinds of second hand horse trailers with living quarters available in the market but you will need to do enough research and comparison before paying money for one.   A second hand trailer needs more of inspection, comparison, evaluation etc. so that you don’t end up buying the wrong one.  The following are the top tips for buying a second hand horse trailer:

Trusted dealer

One of the first things to keep in mind while buying a second hand horse trailer is to go for one which is sold by a trusted seller or dealer. There are many sellers out there who may be selling second hand trailers but cannot be trusted because of their past record or lack of proof of honesty. Always ask your friends and family members before contacting one or check out online reviews.

Mechanical checks

Another thing to consider while buying a second hand horse trailer is to do mechanical checks to ensure everything is in correct working order.  Check for the outer body, the inner condition, the floor, the balance springs, ramp hinges, lights, engine, pressure on tyres, condition of spare wheels and other such things to make sure that nothing is rotten or in a dangerous condition. If you find anything at a lesser quality than promised, you can ask the dealer to reduce the price or get the item replaced.

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Avoid buying stolen trailers

Not all trailers need registration and related documents like other kinds of vehicles like cars but are security marked with serial numbers. Always check for the serial number to avoid buying a stolen trailer. Check for the documents, if any and check if the serial number matches is same as that of the stamped chassis.  The seller must have the proof of ownership and make sure that that the manufacturer’s plate is not tampered.

Check if its fits your requirements

Besides checking the condition, registration etc., you must also check if it fits your requirements. There is no point in buying a cheap and well maintained trailer which cannot carry the number of horses you wish to transport. So make sure that the trailer meets all the specifications that you have in mind.it must have a neat and clean interior space with compartments for kitchen, bedding, keeping the horses and a small bathroom as well.

Road test the trailer

Another tip to buy a second hand trailer is to take it on a road test. Check whether it can be tower to your vehicle or not and if yes, then make sure the towing process is easy.  When you are driving it, make sure it is not creating any problems and its weight specifications suit your towing vehicle requirements.  Also check when the trailer was last serviced.


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