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US Holiday? Book Your Adventure to NYC Now

US Holiday? Book Your Adventure to NYC Now

Is New York City on your bucket list? If you’re planning your first trip to the Big Apple, you’re in for a treat. The sights, sounds, food, theater and architecture are second only to the amazing energy on the streets of this incredible city. Whether you’re planning a girl’s weekend, a business trip or a family adventure, there’s plenty of action for people of all ages and interests. You could live in New York City for years and still not succeed in exploring everything it has to offer. New York City is actually composed of five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Visitors tend to flock to Manhattan which is considered the epicenter of the city. No doubt, some will disagree. Follow these recommendations from the professional travel experts to get the most out of your trip.

Time Square, NYC

Time Square, NYC

Book your hotel or private apartment reservations as far in advance as possible. Manhattan receives millions of visitors each year and accommodations book out quickly. This is truly a pedestrian city explored on foot. Take advantage of all the savings offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of very comfortable walking shoes from Macy’s. You’ll be glad you did. Familiarize yourself with the various neighborhoods in Manhattan. Mid-town, Chelsea, SoHo, Gramercy, Greenwich Village and Wall Street each have their own unique attractions.  Explore one area at a time instead of moving back and forth between neighborhoods as you’ll waste valuable time. Take advantage of the terrific subway and bus system to get just about anywhere you’d like to go. Favorites in Mid-town include Times Square, Central Park and the Rockefeller Plaza. There are many noteworthy sites in all the neighborhoods. How much you are able to see depends on your stamina and the length of your stay. One of the best views of the New York City skyline can be had from the Staten Island Ferry. While this is a commuter ferry, it’s also a great, and inexpensive, trip to take to simply enjoy the views. You’ll also appreciated being able to sit down for the approximately one hour round trip. Avoid the ferry during rush hour or you’ll find yourself in a sea of commuters. Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple – you’re sure to return soon!


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