What is the Most Luxurious Casino in Las Vegas?

Ah Las Vegas, the ultimate vacation location for any gambling enthusiast. The land of the sleepless and home to the most luxurious casinos. Most of the popular events such as the WSOP (World Series of Poker) is held in Las Vegas, attracting many poker players across the world. However, with Vegas being home to a number of prestigious casinos, it becomes a rather tedious task to choose the most lavish one. You can find a list of new sites by doing a quick Google search. But each casino homed in Vegas boasts beautiful features, décor, service and high profiled casino games, so choice really boils down to a matter of preference. According to CNN Travel, Las Vegas hosts a variety of casinos, each specialising in a specific genre of gambling. However, one casino stood apart from the rest and shared a common denominator with all the genres, and this casino is none other than the Bellagio that offers luxury fit for a king.

The casino has superseded its competition and is ranked as a 5 star AAA casino and resort on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada. The beautifully designed casino is a site to behold and offers the most exclusive amnesties and activities. It is what Bellagio is famous for after all and why it ranks as the most luxurious casino in all of Vegas and very possibly the world.

Bobby’s Room Inside the Bellagio Casino

Bobby’s Room is described as the most coveted room in all of the casino, named after Bobby Baldwin, the winner of WSOP in 1978. It is one of the most beautiful poker rooms and one of the major attractions at the casino. The richly designed poker hall allows a minimum buy-in of $20 000 and hosts the highest limit poker in the entire world. Needless to say, the décor is breathtakingly exquisite.

Entertainment Galore

The magnificent itinerary of entertainment makes for an adventurous stay at the beautiful Bellagio. Visitors can indulge in the Gallery of Fine Art, live entertainment and special shows. Everything at the Bellagio seems to be abuzz 24/7, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking for the best form of entertainment in Las Vegas.

Fine Dining and Restaurants

The dining facilities available to guests of the Bellagio are simply superb. Guests are treated to the best restaurants with award winning chefs in control of the kitchen and the menu. There are over 50 restaurants, allowing for ample opportunity to explore various cuisines from all over the world.

The Magnificent Nightlife

What is a luxury casino without nightlife entertainment? It just so happens that the Bellagio also gains its popularity for the most exclusive adult entertainment in the industry. True casino enthusiasts can indulge at a fancy sports betting bar and lounge with breath-taking scenery. Most of the nightlife clubs and venues are open 24/7 for visitors to enjoy at their leisure.

Beauty Therapy

The 5 star luxury beauty oasis at the Bellagio showcases the best in the beauty and spa industry. The exclusive salon is a part of what has made the Bellagio obtain its status and is evident for all to see from clear view.

Although Las Vegas is home to the most luxurious casinos in all of the world, it is apparent the Bellagio is one of the most outstanding casinos offering visitors vast options for entertainment, casino games and exquisite fine dining. The architecture is simply spectacular and the casino is certainly a site to behold.

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