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Why You Should Spend the Day Rally Driving When Visiting the UK

Why You Should Spend the Day Rally Driving When Visiting the UK

Even if you are not a rally-driving enthusiast, you are probably going to enjoy an off road driving experience at one of the many centres that are scattered the length and breadth of Britain. If you thought that there was just the one experience, then you would be widely off the mark. There are an enormous variety of types and levels to choose from with different venues specialising in providing a unique driving day.

There are lots of professional companies delivering this experience, and they offer driving on gravel, mud, or even ice from many different location dotted all over the UK.

The many of the experiences are family friendly, which give the kids a chance to have a go. Ideal as a birthday present or even a surprise Christmas gift, junior rally days are extremely popular, with all of the big car names like Mitsubishi, Ford, and Subaru joining in the fun to make it a 100 per cent hit.

Let’s not forget Rallying as a fabulous way to enjoy a fun-packed hen or stag party, with your local venue planning the whole day out for you with a broad choice of activities.


Some of the packages on offer:

  • The stunt activity-driving day will make sure that all of you driving skills are tested. As well as this, you are taught new skills and techniques that you see in Hollywood films like The Fast and Furious. If you have always wanted to do a handbrake turn or tip a vehicle onto just two wheels, then this is for you.
  • The half-day rally-driving course is for those people that want to get a taste of high-speed action, but don’t have the time to commit to a full day. If you have an afternoon to spare, then this will entertain and not impact too much on your schedule. A lot of interest in this event comes from people who want to organise a corporate event or hen and stag functions.
  • ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ This has never been truer than when taking part in a night rally. Even experienced rally participants may never have performed the task at night. This makes a perfect gift to someone who thinks that they’ve ‘seen everything.’ The idea of pushing a rally vehicle around a course at high speeds in the dark is only for people with nerves of steel.
  • The junior rally driving day has been carefully planned by your venue of choice to give young adults a chance to join in the rally fun. This is for those teenagers that can’t wait to get their driving licence. A birthday gift of a junior rally day will live in the memory for a long time.
  • Testing your driving skills on ice brings a new level of fun to the day out. There is nothing like steering your vehicle around a frozen course and speeding around an icy corner without skidding.

In all of these venues, there are experienced drivers to show you the tricks-of-the-trade and some fabulous vehicles waiting to be fired up and driven away.


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