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Worlds best islands

Worlds best islands

Islands all around the world are known to hold some features that tend to attract more people to visit them especially with advanced modern technology being used in sea and air transport. Some even have historical as well as cultural sites or even places that are full of adventure as well as fun. However, there are those few islands that are of great interest and every traveler and tourists should have them in their destinations wish lists. Nantucket is one such island that is found in Massachusetts. The island is known to have been one of the richest places in America and had grown from whale oil industry. To date, the delectable island can still be visited and its popular feature includes fine brick houses with similar silver mailboxes. Take a look on the best islands of the world.

Isle of Scilly

The Isle of Scilly is located deep into the Atlantic Ocean off the mainland of England. It is a clutch of small islands with five of them being sparsely inhabited. The other hundreds of tiny islands stretch out with only rocks and marine life shells. Part of the island is owned by Prince Charles and the Atlantic air has highly favored spring flower industry. On the east of the United State is Saba which is the most unusual place along the Caribbean region. It is inhabited by about 1500 people and rises to almost 873 meters above sea water. Many of the inhabitants have the same family name, which is Hassell.(image by Keith Taylor)

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Canary Islands

The Canary Islands in Spain is flocked by Europeans especially in winter as they seek sunshine. Through January and February, the temperatures of Canary Islands vary between 70°F and 75°F. From this spot, tourists can watch whales as well as sail to places such as Gomera where Columbus made his last stop before setting out to discover America.  The most isolated island in Britain is the Fair Isle which is inhabited by only about 70 people. However, the island has hundred of thousands of different spices of birds. The wild and wonderful nature of the island attracts many tourist especially bird watchers.

Lord Howe Islands

Located at a two and a half hour plane ride from Sidney are the Lord Howe islands of Australia. Though it takes days to travel by boat to the islands, the journey is really worth is as it’s full of adventure irrespective of how you get there. The islands are known to be the most southerly coral island and only about 350 people reside in it. The Capri Island located in Italy is beautifully set, featuring colored balconies as well as a lovely campanile. Looking from the highest point of the island, tourist are able to view the volcano of Vesuvius with the coastline of Italy being seen stretching out over a shining sea. Tahiti, located in the French Polynesia has over the year increased its visitors, evident from the numerous smart hotels that are clearly visible within sight of the coral reef.

Andaman Sea

In Thailand, the most popular island is the islands of the Andaman Sea. Some of these island have a sliver of beach which is enough and favorable for swimming, while others are edged with small villages that are usually built on boards. This keeps the houses in the villages linked or tied together. All the small islands of the Andaman Sea are tropical paradises and great destination. (image by Snap®)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Worlds best islands -Andaman Sea

Islands have always given tourists a diverse range of adventure as well as offer them a wide sites and spots of historical evidences of great political, climatic, geographical as well cultural events. An experience in these top class islands is a rewarding one!


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