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World’s Best Surfing Sites

World’s Best Surfing Sites

Coming up with the best surfing sites of the world is all about conquering a great force of nature that can make you explore to extremely new places where the cool breezes, surfing waves and the stunning atmosphere find their place. It is the best activity everyone wishes to be involved by exploring a myriad of diversities, vast oceanic water masses, wide sea floor and absolute new features which will blow the mind of every lover of this kind of sport. That’s not enough, what makes this kind of sport interesting is not all about its nature, it is the hundreds of amazing spots which always remain to be a dream come true to any surfer. Coming up with this amazing list is not easy due to stiff competition among these surfing sites, but these spots should not miss in your bucket list of your must-visit destinations!

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

This is one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world consisting of seventy islands and islets located at the coast of Sumatra. The feeling of being hit by a barrage of beautiful waves is all that explains the awesome moments in this wonderful destination. For much pleasure and satisfaction, it is advisable to plan your visits between Junes to September during which the biggest swells occur.(image by Hendo)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - World’s Best Surfing Sites -Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Australian Gold Coast

Also referred to as the ‘surfer’s paradise’ this is one of the places that always remain to be the wish of every surfer. Endowed with more than 70 beaches the destination boosts of four epic points considered to be the world’s finest breaks. Characterized with its sunny subtropical climate, prominent surfing beaches and the canal systems generally describe the perfect ingredients for a surfer. The larger expansive area is enough to accommodate hundreds of surfers worldwide making it one of the favorites in your list of must visit destinations for surfing.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, this wonderful place is greatly renowned for hosting the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour Surfing competition that has attracted thousands of participants all over the world due to its consistency and world class quality. Blue flag beaches and breath taking environment are all that describe this exciting place and visiting this place during winter will be a very good idea!

Bali, Indonesia

Though not popular to many surfers in the world, this is the kind of place that endowed with numerous world class beaches that remain envy to all surfers visiting this region. It is an enchanted land of aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature and has gain popularity due to the presence of the oldest Hindu temple which overlooks the professional grade waves and the stylistic surfers below. With swells arising from the Southern Ocean, this region boosts of consistent waves rising up to 11ft high from the month of April to November.

Vancouver, Canada

This destination has placed Canada among the top ranked countries to enjoy your surfing. It is the surfing capital offering stunning picturesque breaks on the west coast of the island surrounded by the looming rainforest all very exciting atmosphere.(image by Zac McDougall)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs www.greg-j.com- World travel blog family holiday vacation website - World’s Best Surfing Sites -Vancouver, Canada

This is not enough, it is said that there are more than a hundred surfing places that are not yet discovered by many. This is the chance to start your exploration in style and starting with the above destinations and will definitely make you feel the heat. It is also vital to consider the best beaches in the world, don’t you think so?


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