5 Amazing Events to Experience in Australia in 2016

If you are the kind of person that never let years pass without having any memorable experiences, then you better start preparing yourself for a roller coaster holiday in Australia in 2016. The year 2015 is coming to an end, and the adventurers are already lifting their heads trying to see what 2016 has to offer. Getting your tickets before hand at sites such as Queen of Tickets is highly recommended and also book your accommodation in advance as these events attracts many local and international visitors.

Now, from the looks of things, Australia has a lot more than just New Year’s eve firework displays planned for 2016. There’re lots of exciting events spread across the coming year. However, if for some sad reason you can only manage to see a few of those, here are 5 wonderful attractions in Australia that you should not miss, if you want to have an unforgettable year in 2016.

Adelaide Festival 26/02/2016
In February 2016, all roads, and indeed airways, will lead to the beautiful South Australian capital of Adelaide for the spectacular Adelaide Festival, which will fall on the 26th of that month. For over 50 years, The Adelaide Festival has managed to make an exciting blend of enchanting opera, entertaining theatre, jaw-dropping dances, and some of the best classical and contemporary music, giving its attendants the most thrilling experience of their lives. To satisfy all tastes, the festival also features cabaret, literature, visual arts, and much more.

Australian Open – 18/01/2016
Fierce backhands, roaring smashes, and fiery aces. Experience all that in the Australian Open 2016, one of four annual Grand Slam tennis events. But, the Australian Open is not just another annual tennis show, it is the armageddon of the racket sport, pulling in crowds only second in size to the US Open. Featuring the world’s best women and men tennis players ferociously battling it out to claim the throne, the Australian Open is yet another exciting reason for all tennis fans to find their way to Australia in 2016.

Australia events 2016
Australian Tourism Exchange – 04/04/2016
What if you could experience the uniqueness of Australia’s tourism and travel offerings all in one big international event? Well, that is exactly what travel and tourism wholesalers and retailers get from the annual Australian Tourism Exchange. The event, which is the largest international travel trade show in its category in the southern hemisphere, will in 2016 be held in Gold Coast, a city known for even more attractions including Sea World, a beautiful marine mammal park, oceanarium, and theme park.

FORMULA 1 Australian Grand Prix – 01/04/2016
Speed is measured in miles/hour, and time is measured in seconds. But, there’s no measure for the thrill of witnessing the clash of some of the world’s fastest autos in the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. Experience breath-taking speeds as the world’s best drivers put the pedal to the metal, all bidding for the coveted Jack Brabham trophy. In 2016, the action will take place from the 31st of March to the 3rd of April in the beautiful city of Melbourne. If you want to have the most electrifying moment of your life in 2016, then find yourself a seat at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.

Sydney Festival – 07/01/2016
Are you hungry for raw, unedited art, theatre, and music right before you eyes? If you are, then you would do well to arrange for yourself (and your friends- don’t be stingy) a ticket at the lively Sydney Festival of 2016. There is something for everyone from circuses, modern rap music, Dutch theatre, stunningly choreographed dances, family programmes, to indigenous arts. The festival is a gathering of close to a thousand international performers, guaranteeing you at least a couple of acts to leave you with something memorable for the year.

Australia is a country that will make your holiday seem too short for all the attractions it offers. Make sure you get yourself tickets to these events and more in advance. Beyond the 5 attractions, you have the difficult decision to choose among some of the world’s most breathtaking sights, including The Great Barrier Reef; Canberra’s museums and galleries; Kakadu National Park; and Sydney Harbour, home of the iconic must-see Sydney Opera House.
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