Best Ski Resorts a Great Winter Holiday

Once the cold winds blow and the snow start to fall, you are probably thinking about a fun place where you can enjoy the cold, winter months. Although travelling to foreign cities or taking a dip in the beach are great options for a relaxing getaway, nothing really screams winter than going to a snow-covered mountain and try your skiing skills.

The good thing about these places is that even though winter is over, you can still have your snowy adventures during April. Some are even open all year. So, if you’ve already picked your skiing apparel, you better check out this post to discover the best skiing hotspots that you should visit.

Mammoth Mountain, California

Every year, more than one million tourists visit this splendid mountain resort every year. This one boasts the highest peak in all of the resorts in California. At 11,053 feet, skiers, have almost 3,500 acres of land to explore. In addition, it also has 104 trails. After a fun day playing in the snow, you head down the Mammoth village where you can drink coffee and eat some organic bread.

best skiing resorts

Deer Valley, Utah

The Deer Valley Resort Park is the most highly recommended place to go if you want a resort with more modern amenities that are fit for a queen or king. This was once the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics. The resort park is made up of six mountains, and the ski-friendly areas cover up to 2,026 acres. You’ll definitely love its drop feet are which measures 3,000 feet.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

This one is very accessible since it is just a one hour drive away from the Jackson Hole Airport. It is open from November through April. It features the longest vertical rise in the US, with a towering height of 4,139 feet. The mountain resort has two mountains, and its ski-able land is 2,500 acres. T has 116 trails that you can explore.

best skiing resorts

Alpine Valley, Michigan

If you want a resort that is small, then you can head down to the Alpine Valley in Michigan. This one features 25 and 118 acres of ski-able land. It has been around for 50 years, so you know that it is well-maintained throughout the years. This resort is perfect for families and first time skiers.

Do you know other fun places where you can ski and have fun? If so, feel free to discuss them in the comments section!

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