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Norwegian fjords cruise

As Norway is quite far up in the Northern part of the world, we have always envisioned it to be some mystical place, dominated by endless ice and glaciers. Norway offers great places to visit where nature is all around. Norway’s western coastline is full of lush forests and fjords amongst quaint yet quirkily painted houses. The sailing route too is immensely popular owing to the scenic beauty one can admire along the way. It’s an excellent excuse for travelling to Norway to see the Norwegian Fjords on a cruise.Norwegian fjords cruise

There are a number of cruises leaving from UK home ports so travelers don’t have to move far to depart on the journey. As there is a time difference of just an hour, jet lag is also not an issue. As most cruises happen in the summers, there is the world renowned never ending sun, allowing your holiday to stretch to the fullest.

The cruise will move towards Northern Europe and you can expect a relaxed and understated vibe, ideal for cozying up with a book and hot coffee. Guests range from mature travelers to young couples and digital nomads. The atmosphere onboard is usually subtle and mellow. When the sea is kind to you, you can expect it to be a sunny day. English buffet is served, so if you are fond of English cuisine, get ready to tickle your taste buds!

During the cruise, you’ll be given a short briefing on the various ports, wildlife and geography of the area. The Sami people of Norway are sure to catch everyone’s attention as their life is so different from ours. You’ll also get a preview of what’s to come. A master class on cooking, dancing classes, arts and crafts and gold competitions are a part of the cruise too. You’ll pass many oil rigs and container ships as your journey proceeds up north.

Stavanger is the first port that features bright blue skies at night. Some of you may find it eerie while others will find it romantic and peaceful. You can stroll through the deck to enjoy the scenic beauty.Norwegian fjords cruise

Depending on your luck, Stavanger may feature dark skies and pouring rain; the kind you find in Lord of the Rings movies! And that will set the tone for a surprising welcome. You can start off by visiting the City Cathedral built by a British gentleman from Winchester.

To Londoners, Norway’s fourth largest city, Stavanger, may seem like a small town. On any Norwegian cruise, there are lots of small scale ports and local attractions around. The most appealing part for those heading along Norway’s coastline is the surrounding beauty and the experience of cruising through waters.

Rarely can you find the king of scenic beauty that leaves you mesmerized to the point that you feel you are in a different world altogether. A cruise to the Norwegian fjords is sure to be one of them. So don’t forget to add this destination to your wishlist!

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