Healthy Habits While Traveling: Maintaining Wellness on the Go

People traveling associate their breaking of routines with an opportunity to abandon all the good habits they have built into their lives. Those who are health conscious decide to drink alcohol in excess, eat more than they need and forget about their exercise routines. It is as if leaving home meant that all of the above turned magically into some beneficial indulgence they missed in their daily lives. When you travel, your health and fitness play an important role in maintaining you focused.

Maybe you don’t see the stress associated with a trip to Hawaii, but think again: it is a situation out of your comfort zone, splitting your attention between the trip and everything you leave behind, there is uncertainty whether the trip will be successful and whether you will find everything in good order when you come back. Stress triggers are everywhere when you travel. Those who travel regularly may find easier to maintain certain healthy habits regardless of the changes in the scenery and some of those good habits involve the points below


You must sleep well and regularly while traveling. Even regular naps can be of great benefit, whilst stretching the hours we stay awake may cause us to be moody and loose concentration. We may be using more energy than in our normal routines and if we travel through time zones, jet lag will demand more from our bodies.


Carrying heavy luggage, planning the trip, or simply being in an unknown situation will build up stress. Learn a technique to help you deal with built up tension. From MELT method to breathing exercises and meditation strategies, you should be able to pick the stress relief that works for you (image by Moyan Brenn).


Hopefully you have a reasonably nutritious diet but you should also be certain that the food you eat is handled with good hygiene. Make sure that your fruits and vegetables are washed and stick to healthy eating as much as you can. Eating well goes hand in hand with staying hydrated as well.


This is perhaps one of the best ways to restore balance. Your body and mind would benefit even with only one session. Your immune system is likely to respond more efficiently to any unknown agents from the new environment you are visiting in your travels (image by Quinn Takei).


If you exercise regularly, don’t stop. If you don’t exercise regularly, what better time to start than when you are traveling? Exercise is an excellent way to release tension, balance mind and body and help your body to function to its best capacity.

Traveling involves surprises and unexpected obstacles that may sound hilarious when we look back at those experiences. However if we are not in the best psychological or physical shape to deal with them, we may face a general estate of discomfort that can escalate to a state of crisis, a lower capacity of our immune system and even becoming more prone to illness. So when you pack your bags next time, take with you your healthy habits and routines instead of leaving them at home expecting to find them when you are back.

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