Hotel Lovers See The History of Room Service

Room Service

Room service is the true hall mark of being a tourist and also it is luxury. Having a hot meal delivered right into your hotel room gives you the feeling of you have arrived in paradise. It is nourishing, comforting, and downright convient.

History of room service.

The history of room service date back years ago. Hotels so many centuries used to have their own way of rooms services. The room occupant had to go the receptionists and ask for room services. Very few hotels used to have room services only the five class hotels of those ages that used to have room services but with an extra payment.

The modern hotels have room services, even the bed and breakfast hotels offers services of room service. In the modern hotel all you have to do is pick a phone call for room service and request whatever you want, which will be delivered to you in a blink of an eye. The room services are there for everyone who stays in a hotel; from kids to the elderly they are entitled to the services of the room service.

The old way of room service was to carry the clients request balancing with your hands, but the new century room services have trolleys that carry practically anything you request for as long is in the laws of the hotel.

Services rendered.

The services of the room service does not only include delivering what you have requested with a trolley, they are supposed to make sure your room is clean, when you are using it during the day. The room service entails all the comfort that you need in your hotel, be it change of the towel or some new bed sheet that will be done for you. The other services that room service provide is making sure you are served with the best meal if you cannot make it to eat in the main hotel.

Advantages of room service

Room services brings all the comfort and convenient if you do not want to leave your room.

Room service makes sure you are served like a king because a customer is a king. You can have enough rest and still be served the way you want. Room services entail having the best-personalized service in the comfort of your room. You can be served at anytime of the day or night using the room services.

Disadvantages of room services.

When you visit a hotel and you enclose yourself in a room and ask or room service you are denying yourself time to socialize and make new friends. Some tourists take advantage of room service to harass those delivering the services for them. It can be a bit expensive to ask for room services, since some hotel do not include room service in the initial expense.

The histories of room services have emerged to bring comfort to all hotel lovers and thus making most of those who love staying in hotels have experience unique and personalized services in the comfort of their rooms.

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