Savvy Hotel Showers that Steep your Senses

Think bright, vibrant and spacious room. Glittering walls tiled in tailor-made Italian glass mosaics. A large crystal chandelier looking down from a drop ceiling. Ballroom? Restaurant? Nope, here we are making you imagine a bathroom located at the whooping $200 million Mondrian South Beach, in the scenic precincts of Miami. If you thought that this was all, then you need to think again. The chandelier mentioned above is not simply a lighting fixture or decorative addition to the pretty looking bathroom : turn a few knobs, and you will be drenched by one of the world’s best and sexiest hotel showers-impressed , eh? These design-forward hotel showers complete with tech savvy touches, make your room worth booking.

Gone are the days when hotel showers were just an afterthought. Fast rating as the pièce de résistance of hotel and resort rooms alike, these new breed of bathroom fittings and fixtures feature multiple showerheads; glass walls that tend to change their opacity at the push of tiny buttons and killer city views too.

In the contemporary hospitality industry, hoteliers know for sure that that their sexy showers can prove to be key deciding factors in sealing a reservation. The importance of a well equipped bathroom cannot be understated in any way and is becoming an integral addition to the recent haute bathroom trend, with largeness being a virtue that cannot be denied in any way. With a change in approach, it is no longer common for hoteliers and interior designers to “borrow” space from their bedrooms and create tiny nooks called a ‘bathroom’-they are now looking at rooms and bathrooms as two separate entities and making all possible efforts to make them as elegant as possible-especially for the benefit of luxury travelers worldwide.

Showers can especially impress by their large and sheer size and shapes. Of course, a great location does not hurt too. Citing an example, at Viceroy Anguilla, roomy showers are situated outdoors (we certainly cannot think of something more exhilarating than enjoying a shower under a thick blanket of stars). With wooden shutters opening up to gorgeous views of the sea beyond, the setting cannot be any more breathtaking too. After taking a good shower, you can seat yourself on the relaxing benches placed at the right spots… need you ask for more?

In large metropolises, hotel owners are getting all the more innovative and creative in their attempts for designing showers-in most cases they do so to make up for the limited space issues. If you happen to be in the boutique and well appointed Cocker hotel in Buenos Aires, you can savor the many delights of a great shower set in a striking glass cube-ahem, stacked vertically above the bed. You may like to experience an absolutely different approach at The Andaz in San Diego, where a glass partition placed between the shower and room turns opaque or clear at the mere touch of a button-cool!

Forget about testing the firmness of beds or checking out the mini-bar. Now it’s all about having the right shower!

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