Moulin Rouge tickets

Paris has been popular among tourists as the city of art and romance. From breathtaking landmarks to beautiful architectures, from enchanting artworks to embracing food, Paris is almost like a fairytale. This beautiful city of France is home to some of the iconic landmarks like the Eifel Tower and the Louvre. However, among all these iconic landmarks, Moulin Rouge is an institution like no other. Famous all over the world, a visit to this widely popular cabaret will surely make one of the nights you spend in Paris memorable for your lifetime. So make sure to book your tickets and see a Moulin Rouge show when you go for a vacation in Paris.

About Moulin Rouge:

Moulin Rouge tickets

Moulin Rouge is a world-famous cabaret in Paris which was founded in 1889. Since then, this bedazzling location has been hosting some of the world’s greatest shows and performers. World famous artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minelli and even Frank Sinatra has performed here. However, this cabaret certainly gained the most popularity for the aptly named and hugely popular musical film ‘Moulin Rouge!’. Although the original house got burnt in 1915, Moulin Rouge is still enchanting its elite visitors with its instantly recognizable lipstick-red facade and giant windmill. It hosts some of the most popular shows you will get to watch in Paris, and you would not want to miss the opportunity of watching a show here.

Book Your Tickets Early:

One thing about Moulin Rouge is, due to its insane popularity, most shows are normally sold out. So if you plan to catch a show at this iconic establishment, then make sure you book your tickets early. You can get your tickets online even before you visit Paris, and that will save you from missing the opportunity to experience this memorable extravaganza.

The Elegant Experience:

The experience that you get in Moulin Rouge is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The atmosphere inside this cabaret is absolutely electric. Once (and still) a host for the most elite people of the world, Moulin Rouge takes you to an environment which is incredibly elegant yet not too formal. A dining hall full of more than 800 people, with many more spectators waiting for the show and champagne flowing, Moulin Rouge will win you over with its luxury and attitude. And then the time will come for the grand show. Depending on the show you choose, there can be a troupe of over 80 artists performing on the stage. After the show, you can also get some memorabilia at the gift shop. Moulin Rouge will surely take your breath away, and if you’re looking for a truly special experience then a trip to this place is a must while you are in Paris.

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